Friday 3 August 2018

Habits Women Must Stop in Lagos!

Women have to stop these habits while commuting on the Lagos road. The habits are well known tby men, and they often make them a centre of discussion at their meetings.
What are these disgusting habits?

        Excessive Makeup
I’ve widened my eyes, grunted, growled and, scowled whenever I set eyes on a woman with an excessive makeup.
*rolls eyes*
I do not get it…you think you look good with the over-do of makeup? Makeup is nice and it makes a woman more beautiful and elegant…but what happens when it is excessive? The woman looks like an over-baked clay or a rainbow in the sky.
You don’t get shy? Do you not see the awkward stares? Men appreciate you for the over-do? Blink into reality babes. Men love makeup, but not an over-do. (My perspective though…*shrugs*).

        Indecent Dressing
I was on my way to work this week and my sister hastily pointed at a lady, before the Marwa drove past. She was putting on a ‘tight’ and her ‘backside’ was apparently naked…did I say naked? Oh yes, naked.
“Is she going to jog?” My sister asked.
Joggu ke? The indecent dressing should top the list…why did I make it no. 2?
It is really bizarre, seeing ladies with no iota of shame. When I see some ladies dress like they’re in their room, I feel ashamed of being a woman.

Have you entered a public bus and witness a woman insulting a man? It is always a lovely sight to watch and listen to. You’ll listen and wonder how a woman can bring forth such weight of words from her mouth. Funny part? The woman always wins.
I think this stems down to the fact that women feel they’re being cheated, and women are sometimes being cheated. How do they fight back? With words!
I seriously do not buy the idea of insulting and cursing just to prove a point. You do not have to turn into a thug because you live in Lagos. Lagos isn’t that bad, or is it???

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 High Expectations
Aye! Aye! As a woman, you believe that things should always go your way and that all men should respect the fact that you’re a woman. Babes, e no dey dat way all the time oo. There are some men that do not give a damn. This is the 21st century and 2018 for dat mata. You shouldn’t expect the men to honour you like the way the way it used to be in those days. The rave of feminism has heightened the matter. Men now have the notion that they are somewhat of equal gender with the women.
A few months back, I entered a BRT and a lady (who was standing) started to complain about the nonchalant attitudes of men.
‘Men are not performing their duty again. Before now, a man would stand for a woman or an elderly person. Now, you’ll see a man struggling with a woman’. The woman grumbled.
The men on the bus laughed mockingly and the rest of the women joined in the laughter. Things have indeed transformed…more with Chimamanda’s disapproval of chivalry.
Women expect so much from the opposite gender and this is wrong. They have their lives to live, and so do we.

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