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Lost Love (Final Episode)

Episode Seven (Final)
Jemila, Ibrahim's cousin was getting married and he promised to grace his sister’s event. Ibrahim assured Halima that he would return to Nigeria for good. He would relocate back to Nigeria and run his father’s company in making it one of the most successful companies in the country.

"Mummy, I can't control my feelings anymore. I'm madly in love with Ibrahim." Halima told her mother as they prepared for the wedding.

Halima and Ibrahim had spoken every day, despite being apart, sharing their daily activities and the current events that had turned up in their lives. Never for once, had they brought up the issue of having an intimate relationship.

"Confess to him," her mother encouraged.

Halima adjusted her scarf and sat upright on her bed. It was a weekend and she hadn’t even changed from her pajamas. Hajia Hauwa had invited Halima for breakfast when she noticed her unusual solemn look. "Me to him? Isn't it absurd?" Halima placed her right hand to her chest, grimacing.
"It is not. There's nothing absurd in telling someone how much you love him."

"Do you think he would accept me with my child?"

"If he truly loves you, he wouldn't care about you having a child."

"I will confess to him next tomorrow, in the wedding," Halima said, hardly believing her words. How could that be possible?

"That's good, my child."

"Thank you, mummy. I love you." She hugged her mother.

"I love you too... prepare well so that you can look beautiful for Ibrahim."

"Yes, mom... my phone is ringing. I think it is Ibrahim..." Halima grinned as she hurried to her reading table, where the phone laid.

                             *                                            *                                       *
The wedding was attended by countless guests, who stormed the events, dressed in glamorous outfits. They took their various positions on the rounded tables, taking pictures and chatting cheerfully. The hall was very large and beautifully decorated. Halima sat beside her mother and stared at the lovely couple, wishing that she was in the bride’s position.

She felt really restless, thinking of how to face Ibrahim and confess her feelings to him…but come to think of it, where was Ibrahim and why was he taking so long to come to the wedding? 

Halima ran to where Ibrahim’s mother sat. She sat beside her elder sister, chewing on a chicken drumstick.

"Why is Ibrahim not here yet?" Halima asked.

"He should be on his way pretty. He would be here in no time,” his mother said.

"Well... Alhamdulillah, I'm here." Ibrahim grinned as they turned to him with excited looks. He was putting on the wedding’s chosen fabric, sewn into a kaftan, and he wore a green cap to fit.

"Mama, Asalamu Alaykum." He hugged his mother tightly and turned to Halima. "You are the prettiest lady here."

Halima smiled, blushing really bad. "Look at you also. You look fairer and finer. Did you go to Germany to work or to sleep?"

"To work of course. This wedding is marvelous. I wish mine would be just like this."

"Me too." She smiled at him, then read the message that just appeared on her phone’s screen. "I'll be back shortly, I need to pick my cousins. They have lost their way."

"Okay then, I will be expecting you" He smiled at her as she was leaving.

‘After the wedding! After the wedding!’ She mumbled to herself as she left the wedding hall to pick up her cousins.

When she returned, she met Ibrahim on the podium, holding a microphone.

"My speech is for the beautiful lady entering this hall." He pointed at Halima who looked shocked and surprised, her eyes demanding an explanation she knew she couldn't get at that minute.

"I want to talk about Halima. The first time I met her was when I went to her house. She was very pretty that I found it very hard to resist lowering my gaze. When she stomped on my foot, I remembered Aisha; childish, playful and loving. Whenever we insulted ourselves, what occupied my thought was how much I love her: I would never forget when she saved my life. ‘Thank you’ wasn't enough, I knew but I didn't know what to do or say to show enough gratitude. She has taught me to forget my past and face my present, to enjoy life like a fish swimming and diving in the water, accepting certain obstacles, tackling it, learning from it and enjoying life without fear, grief, surprises or hesitations. I have learnt that with Allah, all things are possible. We need to worship Him effortlessly and put our trust in Him because He is everything. I want to be a husband, to play with my children and enjoy the privilege of being called a married man. I want a wife and I know that no one else can make me a happy man as Halima. I love you very much Halima. Will you be my wife?" He asked as Halima held her daughter crying.

Ibrahim walked down the podium to meet Halima and her child. He caressed her soft cheeks and smiled. "She looks just like you. What's her name?"


"Zaratu. Hmm... what a lovely name. I'm dying to be her father. You have not given me an answer."
"Yes, I love you so much Ibrahim and I'm dying to be your wife." Halima cleaned her eyes, shyly.

"Thank you" He kissed Zaratu.

"Perfect! Perfect!" The crowd cheered.

"Wonderful. We never knew Ibrahim's marriage will be after Jemila. Is a fortnight convenient for you too?" Ibrahim’s father asked.

"Perfect!!!" They echoed.

"Yay!!!" The crowd cheered as they hugged themselves tightly. Their mothers cheered with their drinks and grinned happily. Their parents knew they were perfect for each other and they were right! They would make a beautiful and perfect couple!!!

                                                                THE END

A/N: Lost Love has come to an end. A thing I like about the story is that it is short and simple. Our next series will start next week and I want you all to be curious of what is to come next!

Till then, I want to say a massive thank you to all readers that have consistently followed the story from the start to the end. For those who have missed on some episodes, know that you can gain access to the previous episodes on the lower part of the blog post. Once you click on the link, you can catch up on the juicy episodes that you've missed. 

Thank you so much. The Nitty Wall loves you always. Cheers!!! 

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