Tuesday 7 August 2018

Lost Love (Episode Six)


“Perfect!” They laughed as they talked about other things. They ate the delicious spaghetti together and prepared to sleep. Ibrahim left Halima to sleep on the bamboo bed in the room while he slept on the raffia mat in the living room.

The next day, they performed their usual task and cooking was already a hobby for them. The third day, the place felt like their home that they were used to living that way. It was simple, loving and calm.

“Do you think they wouldn’t disown us when we get there?” Ibrahim’s father asked as they drove to the village. They were about to set their children free from the hostage.

“No, I think they will use abusive words on us.”

“I don’t think so. They could have learnt their lesson. I have a reason for creating this plan.” Halima’s mother insisted.

“What if they’ve injured themselves after a big fight? Audhubillah.” Ibrahim’s mother exclaimed.

They didn’t say another word till they got to the gate of the building. Everywhere seemed quiet and they saw a big pot on fire, in the compound. Halima and Ibrahim were laughing at a joke when they heard sounds outside.

“What could that be?” Halima asked.

“I can’t say. There’s no arm in this house for protection,” he said as they were walking out of the house.

They were both shocked to see their parents standing in the compound, a stone-throw from the door step.

“Oh! Mother, father…” they both hugged their parents as their parents looked at them in fascination and surprise.

“You two came out together?”

“Yes, Halima is a really nice person.” Ibrahim smiled.
“And he’s also nice and jovial,” she replied.

“Allah Sarki! Are you two cooking?” Halima’s mother exclaimed.

“Yes, tuwo shinkafa. It’s almost ready. Why don’t we go inside so that we would have lunch together.” Their parents entered the living room and they were served the food. It was indeed very delicious. They couldn’t believe their children could cook such a food. They had completely changed.

They left the house an hour later and they both knew they would miss there. They promised themselves to visit again during the holiday as it was a wonderful place to stay.

Halima and Ibrahim glanced at themselves before turning to view the green grasses on the bush path. They both took photographs and had funny thoughts in their mind.

“Halima, I can’t believe you’re the one cooking. You never spend time in the kitchen,” her mother said.

“And I can’t believe you had this all planned. You can be amazing mom. Well, it worked anyway. Thank you, ma.” She hugged her tightly with soapy hands.

“It’s okay…my love. You’re welcome…so, how is Ibrahim?”

“How is Ibrahim? I do not understand.” Halima grimaced.

“You’re not in love with him?”

“That, I don’t think so. He’s a very lovely person, but I don’t think I love him. I’m not even sure that he loves me.” she rinsed her hands and faced her mother.

“What if he does?”

“Then he should confess his feelings for me.”

“Why can’t you do so?”
“I’ll look cheap mom. I think he’s taking his time and he thinks I am too. If we are destined to be together, we will.”

“He’s leaving tomorrow. Aren’t you going to miss him?”

“Of course. I will miss him…” she said as Ibrahim entered the kitchen.

“I’m sorry to disrupt your conversation, but I came to assist the mother and daughter.” He laughed.

“Really?” Halima chuckled, “Don’t you know that you’re a man? You’re not meant to be in the kitchen.”

“Why not? Please ma, go and rest while I assist Halima with the cooking.”

“Okay, my children. You just want mama to rest her lazy bones,” she chuckled as she left the kitchen.

“You were saying something about missing me.” Ibrahim said, stirring the hot soup on fire.

“Yes…I will miss you. A friend will always a miss a friend, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll miss you too. I want to tell you something,” he said.


“I got the job in Germany. I’ll be leaving next week. I’ll gain experience there before taking over my father’s company in Nigeria.”

“Of… course…that’s your decision.”

“Thank you, he smiled weakly. They both knew that they would miss each other so much.

Ibrahim and his parents left the next morning, and the house felt empty without them. She missed everything about Ibrahim and it became worse when he travelled to Germany.

He called her everyday and they chatted on WhatsApp and Facebook. Halima decided to occupy her thoughts with other things. She enrolled for a fashion designing course and visited the spa on weekends. Ibrahim was happy when he heard of the new development. Halima also convinced her parents to take her daughter out of the orphanage home and to take good care of her as a good mother would…

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