Thursday 2 August 2018

Tips for Looking and Feeling Pretty


Feeling and looking pretty is not only about wearing the lovely shoes and dress. Our mental health determines how we feel and think about ourselves. Want to look and feel fashionable? Below are key tips to make you look and feel pretty.

a.      Get enough sleep
Getting enough sleep will rebuild your mental energy and ease you off the day’s stress. Ensure you put away your phone few hours before your bed time and maintain a sleep of at least six hours.
Getting adequate night rest will make you look fresh, revived and healthy.

b.      Exercise
Having a daily exercise will keep you fit and stimulated. Strive to have a bit of exercise daily; even if it is a ten-minute workout or walk. Discouraged by your busy work schedule? You can take the long stairs to your office instead of taking the elevators. 

c.       Wear an elegant outfit
When you look great, you feel great. Put on whatever makes you feel special and glamorous. Wearing a great outfit will make you feel confident, beautiful and cheerful.
Alexander Royce offers you elegant and stylish outfit that will make you look glamorous.

d.      Have a balanced diet
A good food is synonymous to a great mental and physical health. When you eat healthy foods, you maintain a good health, fresh look and a glowing skin.
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid over-consumption of fatty foods. Make sure that what you eat is composed of all the vital nutrients and at the right proportion.

e.       Smile
Yes, a simple smile can make you feel and look pretty and confident. Do you feel stressed out during the day? Take a deep breath, smile and laugh heartily. It is a great stress reliever that can lower your blood pressure and improve your mood.

What other tips will make you feel and look pretty?



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