Thursday 18 October 2018

Popcorn Crush

“Dad, my love for plantain chips ehn?! I can’t even explain it. If anyone wants to deceive me, the person should just lure me with chips.” I remarked, my eyes gleaming with pleasure.

I had just returned from work when my siblings snatched my bag, rummaging through it for small wraps of plantain chips.

While in the office, typing away, I would salivate, anticipating having a crunch of ripe plantain chips. The taste was always one to relish. It made my workflow my okro soup.

I thought I couldn’t live without plantain chips.

*throws a mournful look*

Then…then I broke up with plantain chips. I found a new love one particular night. Believe me, it was love at first sight. I had decided to buy a new snack when my gaze was fixed on this particular thing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. It was so tempting to stare at.
I reached for it and had a taste.  It was sooo delicious and it stayed longer in my hand before finishing. It never wanted to let go of me. It loved me too.

*I found popcorn! Yayy!!!*

My love for popcorn blossomed over weeks…and then months. I couldn’t live without it. Oh gosh! It made my day. It made my morning…my afternoon…my evening…my weekend…every single time!

Morning- I’ll formulate a story in my head, crushing on my popcorn and the ideas would start to flow.

Afternoon- It is just a great after-lunch treat!

Evening- (This is my best!) I feel ecstatically happy, sitting at the right end corner in a danfo, having a popcorn treat and reading a Sophie Kinsella or Chimamanda’s novel on my phone…peering out of the window once in a while and watching the road as the bus totter down the path. Dang! It’s a great feelingJ

Weekend- Ever tried binge-watching movies with a bowl/pack of popcorn? You should know why popcorn is being served in cinemas.

Have you ever loved a food…or a snack like you would love your sister/boyfriend? That was the kind of love I had for popcorn.

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Then…something happened…

I fell in love with a particular brand of popcorn.

Red, bold, beautiful, classy, sexy, lovely, glamorous…I fell in love with Popstar popcorn.

It was Pop Star or nothing else. Even when I stopped a hawker to buy popcorn with a red packet and discovered that it wasn’t Pop Star, I searched frantically for the real popstar and purchased it from someone else.

 And then, I cheated on Pop Star with crackers. I realised my mistake and let go of crackers, making sure that I keep my promise to Pop Star. The promise to love it unconditionally.

Pop Star is my popcorn crush…or should I say, love? Let’s take it slowJ we’ve promised to give ourselves time.

Pop Star, you’re my popcorn crush!!!



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