Monday 3 December 2018

My Quirky Review of Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number

Sophie Kinsella’s “I’ve got your number” is a thrilling and captivating book that kept me glued to my screen (yes, I read the e-book). Believe me, I couldn’t do any other thing until I completed the 800+ paged novel.
This is an unusual review because of my love for this book…one of the best books I’ve read in 2018!!!

#Spoiler Alert
Why did I find it attractive? What’s so unique about the storyline?
I’ve got your number is an autobiographical fiction about a woman, Poppy Wyatt, who lost her engagement ring which had been in her fiancé’s family for three generations.
On the very day that her fiancé (Magnus)’s parents were to arrive from the US, she lost her engagement ring and in the same panic, also ended up losing her phone.
She found an abandoned phone in a bin and decided to keep the phone so that the hotel, where her ring was lost, could phone her when they find it.
The owner of the phone, Sam Roxton wanted his phone back, and Poppy and Sam found their lives becoming increasingly entangled.

What is intriguing about the characters?
Poppy Wyatt- Poppy is a charming and jovial lady who had eccentric ways to handle her unpredictable situation.

Unique qualities I love about the character.
*Patience- I loved the way she handled the loss of her ring…and then her phone. She was patient when she discovered that Magnus was cheating on her.

*Fun- How about when she danced Beyonce’s single lady’s dance as ‘Mr. Yamashaki?’ It made me laugh really hard. I could imagine the amusing look on Sam’s face.

The part where she had worn Ruby’s clothing, mistaking it for Magnus’s gift made me facepalm. It made me wonder how she could face them after such an incident.

When Poppy sent a picture of a man with a decayed set of teeth, to lure Sam into going to a dentist’s place, I also spilled coffee on myself…lol.

Poppy’s description of her every day’s scenarios…explaining how to react to a certain circumstance, meet with some certain set of people, how to reply to a message, how to reduce the love symbols in a message…calling Willow a witch and predicting the physical looks of employees of global consulting from their mail made me giggle.

*Simplicity- Poppy’s character displayed a very simple, yet an elegant woman. She had compared herself with several sassy and over-trendy woman in the novel. When she was accused of being badly dressed, it was so sweet of Sam to defend her.

*Carefree life- You know what it means to relate freely with someone you barely know? Share fascinating pictures with him and read from his email box like you’re his secretary? That’s who Poppy is.

*Kindness- Poppy could go any length just to assist Sam and Sir Nicholas. She also felt sympathy for the man Sam called dad (the man she had mistaken for his real dad).  She had this unswerving love and compassion for others. Imagine how she assisted Lucinda (her wedding planner) in making arrangements for the wedding like she was actually the wedding planner? She also had a great sympathy for Clemency (the wedding planner’s assistant) when she was treated in a very harsh way by Lucinda.

*Affection- The way Poppy described her fiancé was magnificent. Despite Magnus coming from a very weird family, Poppy saw unique qualities about him.

How about what she felt for Sam? How she described his expression, looks, classy suits and dark hair?

*Moving on- Poppy was ready to move on, despite what happened to her on her wedding day. She was a very brave and strong woman that could fight amongst all odds.

*Trust/forgiveness- Even when Poppy found strong evidence indicating that Magnus was cheating on her, she tried to find several reasons to doubt it. How about when he came, pleading and begging for her to marry him? Poppy found reasons to trust him again (even though it was for the wrong reasons).

Poppy had declared several times that she would have nothing to do with the arrogant Sam and blah blah blah. Well, she found every reason to be with him.

*Pain- Yes, Poppy had been through a very traumatic experience; losing both parents in a fatal accident. She didn’t deny the fact that it was really painful.

*Quirky behaviour- Poppy, no doubt acted in several humorous and silly ways. She was so different from her in-laws. She made silly mistakes- sent messages without authorization and the rest…

Sam Roxton
*IDK attitude- His ‘I don’t care’ attitude is fascinating. I love his expressions description and his brusque way of replying to messages.

I love the part where they visited the jewelry shop, and Sam replied to Poppy in a matter-of-fact-nonchalant way. “I don’t care about what they say.”

*Workaholic nature- Sam proved to be a very successful and hardworking man that did all he could to make sure that he maintained the success of the company.

*Dedication- Sam showed that he was a loyal and dedicated person by fighting all odds to protect and restore the dignity of his manager, Nicholas; even when it Was likely to affect what he had built for years.

*Fewer words- Sam didn’t say much when texting and didn’t express much of his feelings. There were lots of things that Poppy had misconstrued about him. Later, she discovered that the way she had perceived Sam Roxton was very wrong.

*Caring- Sam had his way of being very caring and loving, even without expecting that from him.

*Unpredictable- Who could ever predict some actions he made in the story; grinning, hugging Poppy, sending messages to all her wedding guests, confessing his love for her…oh my gosh!

*Sweetness- The constant way he called Poppy ‘Sweets’ was really sweet. He had his way of penetrating deep into someone through his deep eyes and sweet talk. When he came begging, I also felt that he should be given a second chance (I know this is funny) but gosh, he acted all sweet that night.

*loving- Who wouldn’t have fallen head over heels with someone who chose to present his family’s most cherished heirloom to his wife-to-be?

*Intelligence- Magnus is really intelligent and smart. Well, it isn’t surprising since he comes from a family of bookworms and nerds.

*Hypocrisy- Who would have thought that Magnus was a liar and a pretentious man? He pretended to love her deeply. Who would have an idea that he had some selfish reasons to get married on time? No wonder he proposed after just two months of being with Poppy.

These are my 3 best characters and you should read Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number.

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