Monday 31 December 2018

2018: My Top 10 Posts

The posts this year were all thrilling and captivating…but there would some of them that will pull you off your feet and make you glued to your screen. There would be a lot that will make a smile linger on your face and fascinate you.
I’ve decided to give you my top 10 posts for the year. I really enjoyed writing these posts, I got amazing feedback from readers and they made my year!
Below are my top 10 posts:

This is my best write-up this year. A story based on my life in Lagos, the hopeless romantic (Fine guy in kaftan) narrated my experience with a nice man, who decided to assist me when a conflict occurred along the road because our bus hit a car.
The story taught me that we have men that assist with pure intentions; without any ulterior motive. Yes, there are men out there who render assistance without expecting anything in return. A man helping you doesn’t mean he likes you, ya know?

2.      The Precious Figure
The Precious Figure centres on the life of a Muslimah (Fareedah), who sought love the wrong way. Soon, she learnt a bitter lesson and understood what it takes to find the right man. It preaches the essence of abiding by Allah’s commandment and being proud of the hijab (which is compulsory on all Muslimahs).
The Precious Figure became more popular than Love by Fate and had a wide fan base. The positive feedbacks were also amazing!

3.      Ifeanyi
Ifeanyi (The story of a shoe seller) set the foundation for writing on Facebook. Based on a colleague’s advice, I decided to write directly on my wall rather than share from my Facebook page.
This advice shaped me and created a building block for the blog page. Ifeanyi is also an interesting article on ‘Life is an Art’ segment.

4.      Theft
Theft was told from the viewpoint of me and my sister talked about theft stories and various incidents of theft in Lagos. Every reader had one or more story to tell.

5.      Caribbean rice
The recipe is great…and I still look forward to preparing the food. Looking at a picture displaying a plate of Caribbean rice makes me salivate!

6.      Unnoticed
On Love Prose segment, Unnoticed talks about a poor man and his love for a lady who comes from a wealthy home…and their love will never be noticed.
Readers, who had experienced something similar could relate to the prose.

I interviewed a popular and prolific Barbadian actor. It was a great experience and I felt honoured that she accepted my interview invitation.

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella was filled with lots of lessons.  I didn’t hoard the lessons I gained while reading the novel. I decided to share it with my blog readers!

9.      Popcorn Crush
I love snacks so much (plantain chips, potato chips, biscuit, cake, popcorn, chocolates…just name it!) My bags would always contain one or two of these. So I wrote on my deep love for Popstar popcorn and how I broke the heart of my former lover (plantain chips) to be with Popstar popcorn.

Akara and Bread’s story got people asking lots of funny questions and colleagues teasing me for weeks!



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