Monday 7 January 2019

Flaming Home (Synopsis)

Najwa Mukhtar
I’m Najwa, a successful and famous TV presenter, and a relationship coach. Everyone sees my life as being perfect. They wish they can be Najwa; with a loving husband and a successful career.
But it’s a lie! I’m on the verge of losing my job and my marital home is on fire. Sometimes, I wish that I can kill my husband…well, literally get him out of my life!
I’m Najwa and I do not love my husband.

Anas Mukhtar
I’m Anas, a Financial Journalist. I own a house in a residential area and can boast of a sustainable income. I also have a wife and a beautiful daughter.
My friends are jealous of my life…but I am jealous of theirs. I am married to the wrong woman and my house is on fire. I’m getting too attached to one of Najwa’s co-worker, Mutmahinat; a single mother of two. But I’m scared…scared that all women are the same!
I’m Anas and I do not love my wife.

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