Tuesday 12 March 2019

Review of Skinny Girl in Transit

Skinny Girl in Transit is a web series produced by Ndani TV. It is a comedy series that centres on the life of a young, chubby Nigerian woman and her efforts to lose weight.

The main character, Tiwalade; who was played by Abimbola Craig, is woken up by her mother, played by Ngozi Nwosu. Her mother informs her that the Holy Spirit conveyed a message that Tiwalade should lose weight for her to be able to settle down and find a husband.

Mama Tiwa perfectly played the role of a typical Nigerian mother and the exchange between the mother and daughter is very hilarious.

Tiwalade’s struggle to lose weight turns out to be more hectic that she had imagined. Also, she had to deal with her mother and her slim and pretty sister, Shalewa, played by Sharon Ooja.

Tiwalade, who has been involved with several handsome and cute-looking guys, has her own share of funny relationships.

Skinny Girl in Transit isn’t your regular movie where the lead actor will be a slender looking lady. The lead character is fat and imperfect and displays a real-life situation.

The movie balls around family love, the struggle to find a husband, pressure from the society over being single, striving to follow your passion, work rivalry and envy, the spirit of confidence and decision-making, learning when to speak the truth, knowing what it takes to get married, knowing that love isn’t perfect, etc.

Major Casts in Skinny Girl in Transit
Tiwalade- Abimbola Craig
Shalewa- Sharon Ooja
Tiwa’s mum- Ngozi Nwosu
Mide- Ayoola Ayolola
Hadiza- Ini-Dima Okojie
Didi- Bisola Aiyeola
Derin- Beverly Naya
Wosilat- Chioma Okolie

Notable Characters in the Movie

Tiwa is surprised that the man she got into a fight with earlier in the morning turned out to be her boss. Life takes a different twist and they fall head over heels with each other.

Mide, played by Ayoola Ayolola, displays a confident and handsome man who isn’t afraid to fall in love with the woman he chooses, irrespective of what others say. Lots of viewers seemed to be gushing over this fine bobo!

He is the definition of a romantic, loving and caring man. Mide will do all it takes to ensure that Tiwa is treated like a queen.

Well, Mide, as an imperfect man, is seen to have temper issues and will surprisingly turn to a different version of himself when he is irked. This trait shows that love isn’t perfect after all and there’s no perfect being.


Tiwa is a bold, big and beautiful talented OAP who isn’t afraid to be herself and do what it takes to excel. She is self-willed and headstrong. However, she is a woman who is forbearing and ready to fight for love.

Mama Tiwa

Mama Tiwa is the perfect example of a typical African mother who believes in revelations and will poke her nose into her children’s relationships. One time, she is a sweet and caring mother and the next, she’s difficult to bear.

However, she is a loving mother who is ready to fast for seven days, just for her daughters to get married!


Hadiza, the delusional colleague and office bitch who wants to stand out from everyone and detest anyone that rocks a designer clothing better than her.

Desperate to fight for Tiwa’s lover and position, she ends up getting fired and leaving the company.


The sarcastic and witty colleague and friend of Tiwa, Didi is the definition of true friendship. She supports Tiwa always and ensures that she is not intimidated. She is also someone who can’t stand Hadiza!


Played by the pretty Sharon Ooja, Shalewa is the kind of younger sister that we should all pray to have. Witty, loving, caring and very understanding. Sharon Ooja played the role of a naughty little sister is a natural way. There’s no doubt that she will be one in real life!

Also, her love life with Mohammed showed how patient and understanding we should all be. Her jealousy over Mide’s display of affection also proves that men love in different ways and we shouldn’t compare our lives with others.

Also, her taste for fashion is incredible. I’m sure most of you were always looking forward to seeing her new styles!


The list can’t be completed without mentioning Derin; the obnoxious and detestable specimen of a woman. She wants the world to revolve around her. She believes she is better than others because of her family’s wealth and status, and she wants her brother to herself.

The other characters brought top-notch performances that make SGIT one of the best web series in Africa.
During each episode, Tiwalade adopts a documentary style by talking to the viewers directly.
However, some episodes seemed like they were dragged for too long. For example, in the first episode, the scene where Tiwalade and her mother were discussing went on for too long.

Generally, Skinny Girl in Transit is a great series with relatable and funny characters. Dedicating ten minutes out of your day for SGIT is worth it and it is a must-watch!



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