Thursday 13 June 2019

Her Last Breath/Love by Fate (Synopses)

Her Last Breath
Khayrah counts her last days as she sees her life withering away. It is at this moment she values every second of her life…as her world is clouded by the tick of the wall clock.
As a part of her bucket list, Khayrah wants to accomplish one of her lifetime goals; falling in love!
When Taofeek, the playboy-turned-decent man meets Khayrah, their worlds seem intertwined and they fall head over heels with each other.
How will they reveal their secrets without hurting each other? When happens when Taofeek discovers Khayrah’s predicament?

Love By Fate

Hamdalah and AbdurRahman both share the same pain; the deep pain associated with losing their loved one. They also desperately seek their heart desires.
Fate brings them together, making them realise how their lives depend on each other.
(Love by Fate, which was published last two years,  will be re-written. To avoid spoilers, do NOT search for this title on the blog.😝😝)



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