Monday 22 July 2019

"QING- is not your mate"- A Creative Session With Mr Waduud

Q: Tell us more about yourself
Mr Waduud: My name is Abdulwaduud, mostly known as Mr. Waduud or QING. I'm a multidisciplinary artist, a poet, a photographer, a visual-therapist, a speaker, and a foodie. I'm a restless explorer which is obvious in my arts as I never limit myself to a 'medium' once I can harness it. My most dominant arts are my pen works and photography. Recently, I've been occupying myself with mural painting, face painting, making graffiti and telling stories bigger than me. I'm just as random as they come, an ordinary artist.

Q: How did you come about the name ‘Mr. Waduud’?
Mr Waduud: Many people cut-call my name “Waduud” instead of “Abdulwaduud” and I used to feel it was so rude (still feel it is) because it always sounded like they are calling their ‘baby brother.' So I woke up one day and decided that I was done with that. I changed my name across all my social media pages, slammed ‘Mr’ right in front of it with the intention that “When I turn up on the other end of your screen, you will at least learn what to call me with.” Till date, I still correct people who make the mistake, “If you can't call me by my full name (Abdulwaduud), call me Mr. Waduud or call me QING! Calling me Waduud is just rude!”

Q: How did you discover your passion for art?
Mr Waduud: You'll find me mostly enthused and interested in whatever magic pen and paper can make because back in 2012 after secondary school, writing unsent letters to my crushes in my journal and drawing SupaStrikascharacters were what I found comfort in. I never would have believed that they would transcend into something so much more today.

Q: What is art to you?
Mr Waduud: Coming Alive! To be seen by heart, to be heard by heart, to be felt by heart, even at a million miles away.

Q: What is your major source of inspiration?
Mr Waduud: My Mum. She always had a diary and wrote in it everyday. I use to wonder how she does that. I muse into how deliberate and beautiful her words and handwriting is, so I guess, wanting to be that amusing to others as she was to me is the major thing that drives me.

Q: What are your major fulfillments from being an artist?
Mr Waduud: Freedom! To be limitless in thought, space and time. That’s a superb feeling and to crown that, people appreciate it. I know friends that have been using my artwork as their dp from time to time for years, the feeling I get from the fact that one person out there connects with those arts, is priceless and that is limitless.

Q: What medium has been best used to reach out to your fans?
Mr Waduud: My DM! It’s always been open and I appreciate it so much that people can take out of their ‘zero social media patience' and just tell you in all honesty, “I appreciate art” “I love that drawing” “Did you really paint that?”It makes me wanna bond more with them than just a follow back button.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Mr Waduud: Creating. Inspiring. Learning. Growing. And Loving. In sha Allah.

Q: Any plans for the nearest future?
Mr Waduud: Exhibitions to do, stories to tell, hearts to heal, minds to repair. So, yes! Many plans soonest.

Q: What is photography to you?
Mr Waduud: Stilling and stealing time. A moment, an expression, a burst of feelings to never be lost to time again.

Q: Do you think photography is related to art? If yes/no, why?
Mr Waduud: Yes. Everyday of our life is art; a constant curation of our movement in time and space. Stilling and stealing into the aesthetic feeling that comes with those movements, actions, reactions, and expression is what photography is about and that’s definitely an art.

Q: Your happiest moment?
Mr Waduud: Happiest? That day is yet to come. I sure have happy days, but my ‘happiest’? That day is yet to come.

Q: What is something about you that most people do not know?
Mr Waduud: I get motion sickness if I don’t eat before going on a bad road.”

Q: Who is your role model(s)?
Mr Waduud: Brother Ahmad Akinsemoyin (Co-Founder of ZockleShoes) and El-Seed (Calligraffiti Artist). They are my greatest inspiration; the former led me to the latter.

Q: Your favourite celebrity?
Mr Waduud: Will Smith.

Q: Your favourite quote?
Mr Waduud: “Kindly be kind.” – Mr Waduud

Q: Your favourite food?
Mr Waduud: Yam, Stewed Fish& Tea.

Q: Your favourite colour?
Mr Waduud: Black. Bold and beautiful!

Q: Your favourite choice of holiday destination?
Mr Waduud: I have this dream of visiting this beautiful village called Vernazza in Cinque Terre someday. It’s a picture-perfect town that never ceases to arouse my creative sense as an artist and a photographer for its scenic beauty and its old-world charm. A calm, enticing and beautiful place it must be beyond pictures and paintings. If there's somewhere I desperately want to travel to as an artist, it's Vernazza in Italy. For now, it's just still a dream.

Q: Your social media platforms for fans to reach you?
Mr Waduud: @MrWaduud (Instagram & Twitter), 08179134994 (WhatsApp)

Q: What advice do you have for upcoming artists?
Mr Waduud: Enjoy your art, and the world will pay attention someday, and even when they do, keep enjoying it, it keeps their attention.

"Creativity takes courage"- Henri Mattise.



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