Friday 23 August 2019

7 Ways to Make Your Time on Facebook More Productive

Facebook is for the old ones! OMG! Do people still use Facebook in 2019? I deactivated Facebook because it is filled with gory and unseen pictures! Yuck! Facebook is disgusting. People keep tagging you to stupid posts and you keep receiving annoying messages every time!
We’ve heard similar stories from people. While social media can be seen as a form of distraction as it has some negative impact on people, Facebook has often been listed amongst the social media platforms to be avoided.

However, we have people that have improved their skills and become more productive through Facebook. How can this be achieved? Below are 7 ways to make Facebook more productive.

1.      Stay in touch with your family members and friends
Your family members will not be with you forever. They will move to different cities, work in different places, get married and start their own new families.
How do you then stay in touch with them without having to travel a long distance just to know how they are fairing or spend hours on a phone call while you ask after their welfare?
Facebook is an ideal platform to keep up with their lives. However, this goes beyond scrolling through your newsfeed to know what school your old classmate is attending. You can create a group dedicated to your family members. In this platform, you will share information and updates while maintaining privacy from the outside world.
In a closed group, the posts will only be visible to group members and they can upload photos, chat and invite more family members to easily join the group.

2.      Find a job
Are you on the hunt for a new job? Searching for a new position can be done using social media. Facebook can serve as a platform to find a job. You can connect with people at several organizations with the use of Facebook. After having an idea of your interests, you can update a status, asking friends to assist you in contacting someone in the industry for more information.
However, you need to be very careful when doing this. Avoid writing a status such as: “Assist me! I need a job and I don’t know how to go about it!”
If you are cautious of what you update on your status, you can search for companies on Facebook (if they have a page and you have friends on your list who have shown on their profiles that they work there).
You can also learn about the company’s values, job openings, and programmes through their Facebook page.

3.      Plan an event
Planning an event is very quick and easy to do. At the left-hand corner of your Facebook page, you can click on the “Events” icon. With this, you can manage invites (select either public or private event and if your guests can invite other friends), add important information to the guests and keep track of RSVPs.

4.      Publicize your blog
A great way to publicize your blog is by creating a Facebook page. You can also publicize it by using WordPress’ Facebook Plugin. This will publish blog posts to your Facebook account automatically. Also, this post will pop up in the newsfeed of your friends, making them like or comment on your posts. They can also share your post for their friends to read, thus, making your blog more popular.

5.      Use Facebook to your advantage
You can use Facebook Docs to integrate document sharing with Facebook friends seamlessly. Through Facebook Messenger, you can also integrate Facebook with your other communication needs. With this, you can send Facebook messages to the mobile phones of your friends and also receive messages from them.

6.      Sell on Facebook
Just like Amazon and eBay and Craiglist, Facebook is another way to sell items. It is free to list items on Marketplace.
Through Marketplace, people can publicize their posts in the newsfeed of their friends. Visitors can also ask questions based on the items posted.

7.      Keep your organization’s members up-to-date
Organizations, celebrities, and business can easily keep up with people through their Facebook pages.

I’m sure you’ve learnt how to make your Facebook account productive! What other benefits did we miss out? Let us know in the comments section!



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