Wednesday 9 October 2019

Highlights of the free days of a 9-5er!

For a 9-5er who spends a major part of her time at work and on the road, every single minute of the day counts. As a 9-5er who spends close to 300 days at her workplace per annum, having a ten-day work-free period would come as a mind-blowing opportunity.
As a working-class Lagosian, these are things I did during my two-week leave period.

Only a working-class Lagosian would understand the stress of waking up early in the morning to get dressed and face the snarled-up traffic, work for hours and arrive home late at night. Imagine having to wake up at any time of your choice because you have ten days to yourself!
So yes, unlimited hours of sleeping were one of the major benefits of having those free days.

It takes a well-disciplined 9-5er to wake up early to prepare for work and still create time to cook. So most times, a 9-5er eats no more than twice in a day (a combination of junks and food from restaurants). Now imagine having the time to treat yourself to any special delicacy of your choice and eat at different points of the day? You’re definitely living the life!

The leave period is a time of rest, so what better way can you enjoy this moment other than watching movies? I dedicated periods to watching great movies without feeling guilty.
I had no regret watching the old Coming to America and cackling in delight as I watched amusing scenes. Status Update, Action Point, Den of Thieves and Irreplaceable You were also not left out.
Learning how to drive
What other time would be more appropriate to learn driving other than this free period? So yes, I utilized this period in learning the basics of driving.


I still believe that pizza is underrated. What tastes better than pizza? What other ways would you enjoy a holiday without having a taste of rusty pizza? A friend introduced me to Debonairs Pizza and since then, they’ve been no turning back.

Visiting exciting places
Let’s forget about the stress of commuting in Lagos…Lagos is indeed a city with fun and exciting places. If you’re not the boring type, you’ll find out that we have lovely places to hang out and unwind after the week’s stress.

Here are several places I visited:
Ikeja City Mall


Kalakuta Museum (it didn’t open the day I visited, so I ended up viewing just the frontage).

Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Park

Muson Hall in Onikan (I attended a two-day film festival).

Here are things that did not go as planned.
-          Travelling to Port-Harcourt
The insecurity in the region coupled with accommodation challenges prevented me from embarking on this planned trip. I had imagined reuniting with old friends, visiting exciting places and eating in restaurants in the garden city.

-          Visiting the National Theatre and National Museum
Limited time and engagement in other activities made it impossible to visit these places.

-          Spending a night at a beach resort and having a spa session
The cost of experiencing the above reminded me that I needed to save and invest!

-          Having little or no free time for relaxation
Apart from the fact that I had complete to several tasks the first week, the driving class turned out to be more strenuous than I had earlier imagined.

So yes, these are a highlight of my two-week leave. I’m glad to be back here, feeding you all with thrilling posts!



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