Monday 6 January 2020

2019: My Top 7 Posts

We had lots of thrilling and entertaining posts that made us grin in excitement and left us in awe. Posts that kept us glued to the nitty page. Posts that captivated our minds and made us eager to read more. We read great articles on the nitty wall but there were some remarkable ones that stood out. These articles were inspiring to me and a majority of our readers. I had written them with enthusiasm and the feedbacks received from readers were massive.
Below are my top 7 best 2019 posts.

Who would have taught that Maryam could write a story filled with suspense and thrills? Who could have also imagined that the perfect description of a couple could be captured by a single lady? Lol! I had chuckled in delight when I received a message from a reader, asking about how I could handle marital discourse such perfectly! Also, I wrote gory and intense scenes that thrilled readers.
“You will see blood in this story oo!’’ I had informed my sister when I had just started the series.
“How oo? Flaming Home? Blood ke?” she had asked with widened eyes.
“Don’t worry. You will soon know.” I had laughed in excitement.
Flaming Home was one of the best stories I wrote last year!


Tomi Adesina’s Beautiful Stranger inspired me to write a story about a young woman, diagnosed with cancer, who has the dream of fulfilling some wishes just like every other person.
The story was a sudden one. I had just read a few sentences from Tomi Adesina’s book and I thought, ‘I need to write a story about a woman diagnosed with cancer.’ I opened a new document, wrote a synopsis and titled the upcoming story ‘Her Last Breath.’ And I concluded that it would be the new web series on the nitty wall.
I enjoyed writing the first episode: the description of Khayrah and how she had compared herself with her sister, who was healthy, beautiful and in love with a man. Khayrah’s wealthy family and her ex, Abdul Lateef were captured in this episode. The story would leave you to wonder how a person- who possessed the best things in life- could see life crashing before her because of a terminal illness. Her Last Breath is one of the longest web series on the blog and I hope that it would be concluded soonest.


I was privileged to feature the multidisciplinary artist, poet, photographer, visual-therapist and speaker on the nitty wall. Mr. Waduud is a talented artist with a story that would inspire all creative. I totally enjoyed the interview and I find the post one of the brightest and most colourful. His colourful pictures made the post fascinating and I had to make the interview the featured post on Maryam’s Nitty Wall!

The hilarious incident I experienced while sitting at the front seat in a danfo has to be narrated on ‘My Life in Lagos Series’ segment. If you haven’t read it, I’ll leave you with one advice: ‘Do NOT ever sit at the front seat in a danfo when it’s raining/about to rain.’ Thank me later!


The Precious Figure is undoubtedly the most popular web series that left readers in awe and captivated them to read more episodes of the story.
If you haven’t read any episode of The Precious Figure, I honestly don’t know what you’re doing!


Stay with Me, Ayobami’s debut novel, is an emotional story centred on marriage, love and events that occurred in the lives of a Nigerian couple, Yejide and Akin.
Stay with Me is definitely a master-piece and a must-read for all lovers of books!


A Siberian writer and health expert, Polly, had sent me a mail, requesting to feature her articles on the nitty wall. I enjoyed working with her and publishing the very-first article, Best Natural Snack and Herb Teas Energizing You All-day. It is filled with useful tips on the best snack and herb tea to consume.
If you haven’t read the article, do so by clicking HERE.

What kind of articles are you yearning to read on the nitty wall this year? Share with us now!



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