Sunday 19 April 2020

Blog Break & Life Lately

Hello everyone! I hope you are faring well during this pandemic? This period is bound to take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. I hope you are having enough rest and doing what makes you happy.

It’s been a long time since I updated posts on my blog (asides from the weekly episodes). It has not been really easy been away from my close companion (my blog), but I guess I needed this break to settle some scores and ensure that I remain here to feed you with thrilling articles.

First, I almost lost my blog. This may sound hard to believe but yes, I spent a major part of this year fighting to restore my blog.

What if I lose the page at the end of the day?’ clouded my thoughts and prevented me from updating new posts. I resorted to posting the weekly episodes on Facebook.

One of the best events that have happened this year was learning that my blog would be restored. I’ll advise you to take full access to all your accounts. Life is so short that the business partner you’ve made a deal with today might not be alive the next day.

The Coronavirus pandemic kept the world at a standstill and made us feel frightened and insecure. Imagine a period where commuting to the market to stock up your kitchen with groceries could mean risking your life. We are all forced to remain at home while we maintain precautions to combat the spread of the virus.

This period has taught me a lot and some of them are to value family relationships, make everyday count, start achieving one’s goal instead of procrastinating and to remember that life is so ephemeral.
Spending time with my family has to be one of the best highlights of this period. You know, school, work…and various factors keep family members apart for months. But the pandemic caused everyone to leave what they are engaged with and return home. Spending this moment with my family and goofing around with my siblings have been mind-blowing.

Losing someone I know to coronavirus taught me that it is closer than we can ever imagine. The truth about the virus hits harder than it happens to someone you’ve interacted with. Someone you can picture and still imagine the voice ringing in your head. So, maintain proper hygiene by washing your hands, reducing the number of times you touch your face (this can be difficult. Lol) and maintain social distancing. I hope you use the period to observe your life and list the things you want to stop and the activities that would improve your life. I hope you maintain your mental health and have enough rest. Remember that you do not have to accomplish a lot during this period.

I finally completed our weekly series, Her Last Breath, and this has been the longest series so far. I appreciate the patient readers who stood by me till the end of this story. I hope this story teaches you more about life and the importance of making every moment count. If you haven’t read the episodes, it’s not too late to start. Click here to read the first episode.

I resumed writing on Quora and it has been a great experience. Requests from users to answer questions have made me feel so thrilled. If you’re an avid reader on the space, search for my profile, Maryam AbdulWahab, and read my posts about writing.

As I welcome myself back to the Nitty Wall, I hope you’d be here all the way to read the thrilling and captivating posts and drop your comments.

Please, stay safe and remember that the Nitty Wall loves you always!



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