Sunday 5 July 2020

Movie Review: Elevator Baby

One of the qualities of a good movie is the ability to keep viewers captivated from the start to the end. The scenes should be thrilling in a way that the viewers would keep their eyes glued to the screen. Elevator Baby is one of those Nollywood movies that will leave you thrilled and captivated.

The movie stars Timini Egbuson as Dare Williams and Toyin Abraham as Abigail. Dare Williams is a spoilt brat that is easy to hate from the beginning of the movie. Abigail Kuforiji is a pregnant woman who bears secret she intends to spill to her ‘madam.’

Timini Egbuson plays an outstanding role in portraying a spoilt child with a temper and Abigail plays the illiterate role perfectly. No wonder they both bagged awards for their role in the mind-blowing movie.

Let’s also not forget outstanding performances from notable stars like Shaffy Bello and Yemi Solade.
Elevator Baby is a simple movie that isn’t overcrowded and the scenes are just what you want in a movie. The movie picks up with the elevator scene where Toyin Abraham was introduced. I mean, who doesn’t know Toyin has a way of bringing the vibes to movies?

‘If you’re reacting this way, how will you react if it was hot water or acid?'

Her poor English and stressing of her name ‘My naaame is Abigaaaail’

Hahaha, who wouldn’t like Toyin Abraham? She gave the movie her best shot as she was truly pregnant when shooting the movie.

Abigail is forced into emergency labour when both characters get stuck in a faulty elevator. Left with no choice, Dare has to deliver the baby all by himself.

The action scenes were apt. When the light went off, we knew that more was to come. Dare’s phone switching off when he tries to seek for help piques interest and depicts tension. Abigail’s scream for help, the revelation of her secret, and regret over her past are scenes that will leave you thrilled. The tension of performing several acts to assist Abigail in giving birth and the count of one to ten before breathing into the mouth of the child are scenes that are note-worthy.

Several aspects of the movie portray the real-life situation. The nonchalant maintenance operator (Broda Shaggi) who lies about being stuck in traffic while he eats in a buka, the epileptic supply of electricity, and the inability to seek help from an emergency service portrays what we face in our present society. The spread of news across social media platforms is also a reality.

However, I have issues with certain aspects of the movie. The management’s overdependence on a ‘maintenance guy’ to rescue two people stuck in an elevator calls for concern. Even though it was a Saturday, couldn’t there be someone else to stand as a replacement?

Nevertheless, Elevator Baby is worth your time. Once again, my naaaame is Abigaaaail!!!

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