Saturday 19 September 2020

8 Lessons from the Popular Web Series ‘This Is It’


The popular Nigerian drama TV series ‘This Is It’ is one that I would never forget for years to come. Apart from the fact that the movie changed the narrative about marriage, it also reveals the challenges that young couples could face in their marital lives and the ways they could solve them.

Portraying the lives of the couples in a way that makes it look genuine and authentic, This Is It is a must-watch for all young adults that are looking towards getting married.

Summary of This Is It.

The award-winning TV series centres on the lives of a Kenyan-Nigerian software developer, Tee, who recently got married to his heartthrob, Dede. The storyline focuses on the challenges faced by a young and inexperienced young couple as they struggle to get used to their new marital life.

The creator of the popular series, LowlaDee, started airing it on her YouTube channel. However, the series was later acquired by several TV networks.

One amazing feature of the movie is the fact that it featured stories from real-life young couples at the end of the series.

Cast of ‘This Is It’


Nick Mutuma- Tomide (Tee)


Chy Nwakanma- Dede Mwenda


Bimbo Ademoye- Kerry


Stan Nze- Sam

Now, let’s find out the 8 lessons from the award-winning series, This Is It


True love will always stand out

One of the qualities that I love about the series is the way they portrayed love in its true form. The love Tee and Dede shares are one that will always stand the test of time. It is genuine and will rarely fade away. And this is the type of love that we want to see in all marriages. The kind of love that will make couples fully prepared to fight for themselves and dream of a happy-ever-after.


“There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just have to pick who you want to struggle with.”

This quote is from one of my favourite movies titled Before We Go. This quote explains that there will never be ‘perfect.’ Never! No couple can claim a happy life forever. There have to be struggles. There have to be stumbling blocks at some point in time. What matters is who you pick to struggle with.


Marriage requires sacrifice

If you’re not ready to make sacrifices at some point in time, I’m sorry, but maybe you’re not prepared for marriage.


Family is everything

Even though you’ve finally moved in with your spouse to start a new life, your family will always be your biggest supporter. Also, the family you create with your spouse will be everything to you.


We all need that one good friend

We all need that one person that we can confide and trust in. We must have a good friend that can proffer the best pieces of advice as we struggle with getting used to a new phase in life.


Honesty is key

This is your spouse; someone you’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with. What could you want to possibly hide from such a person? Honesty is key in marriage and it will promote the trust and confidence that spouses have for one another.


Communication is key

One of the key foundations for all marriages is effective communication. The ability of a couple to easily talk about anything and everything with each other will foster their relationships.


Marriage requires patience and understanding

This is self-explanatory. I mean, what is a marriage without patience and understanding?

Have you watched ‘This Is It’? What other lessons did you derive from the movie?

If you haven’t, head on to YouTube and search for the popular web series.