Saturday 27 February 2021

Review of ‘Before We Go’


We first see Nick Vaughan, Chris Evans’ character, in Grand Central Terminal, where he plays his trumpet for a loose change. A pretty blonde dashes past him when the train station winds to a close. Her phone breaks as she drops it in haste. The pretty blonde is Brooke Dalton, who missed the 1:30 am train to her chosen destination. Nick tries to assist her, but she appears rude even though she is without a phone and her purse has been stolen.

Several inconveniences keep them together at night, roaming the streets and finding ways to find her home. From pretending to be a musical act at a hotel party to not having enough cash for a cab, the two stroll leisurely and soon start to share their secrets and life stories.

Nick is a brokenhearted jazz musician who still hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend. Brooke is a married art dealer whose marriage depends on her returning home before morning.

Before We Go’ is a movie that was pleasing to watch. Emphasising relationships, love, and friendship, ‘Before We Go’ uses deep words to teach you more about life.

The movie should be one of the captivating movies of all time, what with the fact that Chris Evans (one of my favourite actors) starred and directed the movie. The scenes are simple and not over-crowded. It is not your regular movie. The storyline and plot stand out, and this makes it remarkable. I cried while watching ‘Before We Go’, so I recommend you place a tissue box beside you before watching.

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I highly recommend this movie to everyone. I also believe that it is one of the underrated movies.


‘Before We Go’ Cast

Chris Evans as Nick Vaughn

Alice Eve as Brooke Dalton

Emma Fitzpatrick as Hannah

Mark Kassen as Danny

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Before We Go Quotes

-          No, no, see, I think if you’re committed to somebody, you don’t allow yourself to find perfection in someone else.

-          You can’t allow the people you love determine how you love.

-          How can one of the worst nights in my life also be one of the best?

-          We love who we love. It sucks.

-          There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just need to choose who you wanna struggle with.

-          And at the end of the night, you’re gonna want to say some things, but don’t. Don’t ruin it. It’s nothing she doesn’t already know. Just give her a kiss. Wish her good luck. And, uh…thank her. Thank her for showing you that you can love more than one person in this life.

-          Running is easy.



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