Friday 2 July 2021

Ramadan During the Lockdown


When I was informed that we might be fasting despite the lockdown, several thoughts flashed through my mind.

How can we gain access to foodstuff? How will we perform Taraweeh at the masjid? What of Ramadan lectures? Are you saying they’ll be none? You mean I can’t attend religious programmes due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Weeks ran into days and finally, the day arrived and Ramadan commenced. Fasting this year is turning greater than I had imagined.

Here are my thoughts about Ramadan during the lockdown:

- We do not need fancy foods and trays of fruits to enjoy iftar. This Ramadan has taught me to be conscious of food consumption and spending.

- The happiness that seeps inside of you when you have iftar with your family is indescribable.

- I’ve learnt that the things we value so much in this world are not worth it.

- We spend more time fulfilling worldly goals than working towards attaining success in the hereafter. When last did we sit and reflect over the meanings in the Qur’an? When last did we learn from the stories of the Prophet (SAW)’s companions?

- This year’s Ramadan has taught me how to be very organized. Waking up early for tahajjud and sahur can be achieved with proper planning. Completing a Qur’an and creating time to read religious books can also be achieved.

What have you learnt from this year’s Ramadan?

NB- This post was originally written in May (last Ramadan).



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