Saturday 6 November 2021

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This year has been a whirlwind of emotions- joy, anxiety, disappointments, name it! Well, I guess that’s how life is meant to be- sometimes you feel happy. Other times, you’re worried about making a bad decision. 

I took ‘intentional’ steps to safeguard my mental health. One of such steps was taking a break from social media.

Yes, this seems a bit like a cliche. Everyone talks about taking short breaks from social media to rejuvenate and crush their goals. But, to be honest, it is necessary. You never realise how much of an impact Instagram posts can have on you until you deactivate your social media accounts. And so, I took that bold step.

No, I didn’t leave social media to achieve more goals. Instead, I needed a breath of fresh air. And I got it. 

One thing I’ve learnt recently is to seek happiness in simple pleasures. Like devouring a bowl of spicy noodles, preparing a big pot of smoky jollof rice, taking a long sip from my mug of coffee, and a host of others! These little things impact our lives in so many ways. 

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I’ve also realised how delicious Yoruba soups can be (I sincerely apologise for any statement I've made against these sumptuous meals as I join the team). I’ve spent all of my life appreciating native dishes from the east and south-south that I hadn’t taken the time to explore Yoruba dishes.

Have you ever taken semo with a bowl of okro soup and chicken stew? If you haven’t, what have you been eating? 

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These past months have been pretty busy for me. So busy that I’ve been experiencing fatigue and consistent back pain. So busy that I haven’t had the time to blog consistently. So, to relax, I watch remarkable and gripping movies on Netflix, like Little Women, The Last Shift, and Tune in for Love. I recently completed Squid Game and it blew my mind! I’ve been watching YouTube videos that reveal hidden theories viewers might have missed while watching Squid Game. It’s no surprise the writer spent years working on the series. 

I haven’t really been reading fiction books. I’ve been focusing more on newsletters and blog articles. However, I read Gail Honeyman’s ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ a few months ago, and the book is amazing. I recommend it to every lover of fiction books. 

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This period is about learning from my mistakes and wrong decisions and loving and appreciating myself, despite my flaws.

I cannot promise to be consistent because it took me months to publish this...and work is getting busier by the day. So start your week with our series (Life and Everything in Between), and stay tuned for more captivating posts!





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