Sunday 15 May 2022

The Best Self-Care Checklist


We often underestimate the importance of self-care. Yet, this is essential for health, and it makes us happier and more organised.

This self-care checklist has been divided into various categories. Use these self-care checklist ideas as a guide to creating a self-care routine.

Relationship to Self

-          Have a quality night's rest

-          Exercise

-          Read a book you love

-          Watch a movie you love

-          Eat nutritious and healthy food

-          Adopt good personal hygiene

-          Wear dresses you adore

-          Solve a puzzle

-          Take a walk

-          Go on a weekend trip

-          Reflect and meditate

-          Avoid negative and toxic people

-          Cry if need be

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Relationship to Others

This self-care checklist centres on your relationship with your family and friends. You cannot avoid interacting with people in life. Your behaviours will have an impact on your relationship with people. Check out ways to improve your relationship with others:

-          Schedule time to spend with your family

-          Schedule time to spend with your friends

-          Schedule dates with your significant other.

-          Seek help if you need to

-          Contact the important people in your time

-          Create time to telephone friends and family members.

Relationship to Environment

A major force in your life is the environment. You may not know, but the environment influences you in several ways. You can make small, significant changes towards improving your environment.

-          Clean items in your home

-          Take a different route to the mall

-          Start a garden

-          Plant a tree

-          Water a plant

-          Declutter your home

-          Visit a nature park

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Relationship to Work and Money

Without creating boundaries and emotions, this can affect your time and lifestyle. Your well-being will be improved when you care for your work relationships.

-          Set limits with colleagues and co-workers

-          Go for lunch breaks

-          Complete your tasks with full concentration

-          Create time to engage in small talks with your colleagues at work

-          Seek help from a boss or co-worker when needed

-          Arrange your workspace

-          Balance your work and personal activities

-          Arrange your workspace

-          Open a savings account.

This self-care checklist will change your life positively. It will make you feel happier and more accomplished and fulfilled.



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