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Interview with Itunnu: The Blogger Promoting the Beauty of K-Dramas


Korean dramas have become the ultimate favorites among females in Nigeria, captivating audiences with their intriguing storylines, aesthetics, humor, and romance. The rising popularity of K-dramas can be attributed to their unique charm and the valuable life and love lessons they impart.

Kdramaswithitunnu is one of the platforms that beautifully showcases the essence of these series. Itunnu shares K-drama recommendations, reviews of her watched dramas, top drama lists in various genres, news and trends about South Korean actors, download locations for K-dramas, and much more.

To delve deeper into Itunnu's inspiration and profound love for Korean culture, Maryam Nitty Wall brings us an interview filled with fun and curious questions.

Q: Tell us more about yourself.

A: Hello! My name is Raji Omobolaji, popularly known as Itunnu. I am a fresh graduate from the university, finally! I am a freelance photographer and image editor with almost 4 years of experience. I am also a content creator on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram with a good amount of following. As you know, I am a huge fan of the Korean culture. I am particularly excited about everything that concerns it. From K-pop to K-drama to K-food, and the like. I am so excited about this interview and I look forward to answering all your questions!

Q: Each of us has that enlightening moment when our love for something or someone becomes indescribable. Can you recall when you realized your passion for South Korean dramas?

A: Of course. My passion for K-dramas started when I was in my final year in Primary School. That is almost 13 years now. I used to watch K-dramas on CDs because I was not using an internet phone back then. I cannot properly recall how I got my hands on the ‘Boys Over Flower’ compact disk but that was my first K-drama and I know it was also the first of so many others. I took a liking to the second lead who was called ‘Ji-ho Sunbae’ in the drama, while everyone fell for the main lead, ‘Gu Jun-pyo’. The drama caught my attention so much in terms of high school, comedy, friendship, romance, and unrequited love. After that drama, I went to get more dramas that featured the leads from ‘BOF’ and that was how I got pulled into the world of K-dramas and I don’t regret it one bit.

Q: What motivated you to create a platform centered around K-Dramas and everything in between?

A: It first started when I randomly posted how I felt about a K-drama called ‘Yumi’s Cells’ in the middle of 2022. Prior to that, I always made a few posts about my interest in Korean culture. Most especially about K-food and K-pop. PS: I am an Army, so I used to post about BTS sometimes. So, after posting about ‘Yumi’s Cells’, I realized that video got quite a lot of views. It made me excited that a few people took an interest in my opinion. After that, I posted 2 edits of a K-drama I did myself, because I love editing videos and I was good at it to an extent. Those videos blew up too. I got almost 700k views on one and a little over 10k on the other. I made more and more videos around K-dramas- reviews, recommendations, and everything in-between and now, I can boast of a community.

Q: You must have explored movies from various regions. How do K-Dramas stand out in comparison?

A: K-dramas have managed to give us quality despite the quantity. Not just quality, they also give their audiences a chance to connect with the actors on a deeper level. I am always able to understand each actor’s emotions, feelings, and dialogues. Not just from the protagonists, but also the antagonists. In K-dramas, the actors, especially the male actors, are sometimes made to be vulnerable. What I mean is, in K-dramas, men cry, show emotions, express their feelings, and so on. That is something most shows from other countries, especially my country, lack. Also, we get a background story to actors in K-dramas properly. I can’t speak for all K-dramas, but for most I’ve seen.

Q: I've noticed that you not only adore South Korean dramas but also have a deep appreciation for their culture as a whole. What aspects of their culture do you find particularly fascinating?

A: Their food, oh my goodness! I love how they have so many side dishes that complement their main dishes. As a Korean lover living in Nigeria, I made it my mission to try as much K-food as I can even before going to South Korea someday. Some of which are; Kimchi, Tteokbokki, Ramyeon, Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles), Korean BBQ, Kimbap, Potato Jeon, Tofu Stew, Beef Fried Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice, some side dishes, and drinks like Boba Tea and Soju, of course! Other aspects that fascinate me are; their music and music videos, their language, and their fashion, both the ancient and the modern.

Q: It's impressive that you understand and even speak the Korean language! How did you acquire this skill? Was it a conscious effort on your part, or did you pick it up while watching K-dramas?

A: Well, I would not call myself an expert yet. I am still learning the language to be much more fluent. You can say I picked up some words while watching K-dramas but that is not enough to learn the language well. I took to Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Phone Applications, got some textbooks and every material I could find to help me learn the language. I also have some Nigerian and Korean friends that help me with learning. I am not 100% fluent yet but I hope to be in a few months to come. I mean, learning a new language at this age is not an easy feat, especially as an adult with a lot of distractions but I keep learning to get better.

Q: Could you share your top 5 all-time favorite K-dramas, in no specific order?

A: Reply 1988, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, 100 Days My Prince, My Liberation Notes, The Healer. It took me a lot not to mention more!

Q: Who are your top 5 Korean actors?

A: Anyone that knows ‘Itunnu’ will know that Ji Chang-Wook is my all-time favorite. Others include; Lee Jae-wook, So Ji-sub, Son Ye-jin and Seo Ye-ji. These are just my personal favorites. I have so many more favorites but we’ll stop at those five.

Q: South Korea is renowned for its exceptional cuisine. Watching their movies, I fell in love with noodles! What are your top 3 South Korean dishes?

A: All types of Ramen, Tteokbokki, and Tofu Stew. Out of the ones I’ve tasted, those three stand out for me.

Q: If you had to choose just one K-drama to watch for the rest of your life (although we hope  that never happens:), which one would it be?

A: It would be Reply 1988. That drama just has everything it should have and more! Romance, friendship, family, comedy, youth, adulthood, and many more. The togetherness of the characters is such a beautiful thing! They laugh, cry, love, eat, and play together. What I love the most is their concern for each other like one big family. It is a drama I wish I can forget all memories of, so I can watch it all over again.

Q: While K-dramas can be enjoyable, cheesy, and sometimes silly, they often convey profound life lessons. What lessons have you learned about living and loving from these dramas?

A: “Do what you want to do. Those that hate you will, and those that love you will. The most important thing is to place less importance on the haters and focus on what makes you happy.”

Q: Apart from their captivating storylines and delectable dishes, Korean actresses' fashion sense is truly remarkable. Who, in your opinion, is the most fashionable actor or actress?

A: To be honest, I don’t think I can answer this. They are all so good at fashion like they were born for it. I get jealous most times like, how can y’all be this good at dressing even when they aren’t putting in so much effort? I know they have stylists and whatnot, but regardless of that, they all dress so good! There’s something about South Koreans and fashion, even skincare. They’re like at the top of the game for me, every one of them.

Q: Last year, you hosted an incredible Korean-themed event (which I wish I had attended). Do          you have any plans to host another event in the near future?

A: Oh definitely! We will host one by the end of the year 2023 by God’s grace. It will be as fun as always. I am looking forward to planning everything with my amazing team.

Q: Please share your social media platforms so that curious readers can connect with you and engage with your enriching content.

A: Okay, thank you very much for having me. It is an amazing opportunity to be featured on your blog while talking about what I love.


My TikTok handle is @itunnu_

My Instagram handle is @kdramaswithitunnu

My YouTube channels are Kdrama Talk With Itunnu and Itunnu’s Vlog



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