Saturday 4 November 2023

Weekly Web Roundup

I’m glad to introduce a new segment that features remarkable things I’ve read and watched from around the web. How was your week? Was it fun and memorable? I’ve spent the past couple of weeks hanging out with my siblings after work and during the weekends. It’s been an enjoyable experience with loads of discussions, food, and laughter. 

Now, let’s get to business. Here are some exciting and remarkable things that caught my eye throughout the week. 

I read this guest post on one of my favourite Substack pages, Oldster Magazine. The piece was so beautiful that I commented (I rarely comment on posts) and shared it with my sisters. 

Why you should own a cat

These Kenyan parents noticed their daughter had reduced in weight and stocked her home with food. Sooo wholesome!

This lady perfectly dissected the rift between Palestine and Israel

*Spoiler alert* This lady’s husband watched Reply 1988, and here’s his reaction to Deok-Sun ending up with Taek and not Jung-Hwan! 

I stumbled upon this funny series. I downloaded an episode and am looking forward to creating time to start. 

Why is Making Dinner So Hard? An article on Hello Gloria.

I launched a jollof rice page! Let’s see what I’ll make of it. 

A review of Khaled Hosseini’s And the Mountains Echoed.

Have a nice weekend, guys! 



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