Maryam’s Nitty Wall was first launched as Great Writings in 2014 (as a Facebook page). I didn’t get the time to manage the page till I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2016. Then, the blog, Maryam’s Nitty Wall was created and Great Writings Facebook page was transformed.

I started my blogging journey in 2016, and created contents to make the page fascinating.

Why did I start blogging? It was borne out of the need to unleash my writing skills. I’ve always been writing since I was very young and having a blog enabled me to share my write-ups to the world and affiliate with other young writers.

I’m Maryam AbdulWahab. I’m a First Class Graduate of Economics. I’ve worked as a Content Writer and Social Media Manager, and I am currently working as a Creative Writer. 

Creating this blog have been my major source of fulfillment and keeps a smile lingered to my lips every morning I wake from sleep.

Ensure you read the categories, have fun and revive every moment of your day with the articles. It will keep you entertained, fulfilled, thrilled, fascinated and inspired.

Our novel series have ranked really well and have been duly appreciated by the readers. You should check out Love by Fate, Dhakiyah and Hayrah, and the current series (Tissue Hearts).

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Have a lovely time here and remember that the Nitty Wall loves you always!