Hi! I’m Maryam AbdulWahab, a blogger who seeks joy in writing and sharing bits of her life experiences.

I’m a creative writer, storyteller, blogger, and economist. 90% of the time, I’m thinking about fulfilling some of my goals, such as becoming a published writer, exploring places in the world, eating one of my favourite delicacies, and gaining new skills.

In 2016, I started this blog to showcase my works to the public. Believe me, it’s been a great experience blogging for four years and sharing my works with you!

To sum it up, here are a few things you should know about Maryam Abdul Wahab.


Maryam loves to read books. If you skim through some of my posts, you’d see that I have a category for ‘Book Reviews.’

Captivating books send thrills of excitement to my face every single time.


I love movies with fantastic storylines. You should catch a glimpse of me guffawing or bawling while watching a movie. It’s a remarkable sight! LOL!


Recall I described myself as a storyteller? I’m always creating stories in my head and filling my notepad with ideas. I have written several stories on the Nitty Wall. These stories will leave you captivated. Trust me!


A category on my blog ‘Cooks’ Corner’ reveals recipes for different dishes. I’m a lover of anything spicy.

Whispers (The key to my heart is food!) Bless me with a plate of eba and afang soup, jollof rice, and fried turkey or amala and ewedu soup.


I daydream a lot and most of the time, I think of falling in love, travelling to beautiful cities, visiting exquisite cafes and restaurants, giving a talk, and a host of others.

I’m generally a dreamer, but still, I’m striving towards fulfilling my dreams.


Now is time to get immersed in a world of storiesrants, reviews, tips and ideas, and lots more! Have fun reading my works and remember that the Nitty Wall loves you, always!