Tuesday 20 September 2016


                      HOW TO MAKE BANGA RICE
·         Palm fruit extract - either made from scratch or in a can
·         1 Tsp Banga spices
·         Crayfish (optional)
·         Smoked fish
·         Oburunbebe stick (optional)
·         Beef stock
·         Salt
·         Knorr cubes
·         Rice
·         Chopped red onions
·         Dry or fresh pepper
1.            Dissolve the palm fruit extract in enough water to cook the amount of rice you need. Add beef stock if you have, chopped onions, dry pepper, the Banga spices, the Obunrubebe stick, the smoked fish, crayfish, salt and seasoning cubes.
2.    Bring this to a boil until you see patches of oil float to the top. Taste to be sure you are pleased with the flavour, turn down the heat and go wash the rice.
3.    Add the washed rice to the pot
4.    The rice grains will cook and absorb the palm fruit broth.
5.    Let the rice cook till it gets soft. Serve immediately
6.    Serve with a small portion of Banga soup if you have and also serve with fresh fish and prawns.
Source: www.knorr.ng



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