Thursday 15 September 2016

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning everyone. Hope your week is going great.
My three days break from the nitty page is drawn from the pain of losing my loved one. You know, I read in a novel the saying that "Everyone has one life changing moment. It shapes who you are as a person and pushes you down the path that leads to the rest of life. It defines you. Sometimes you can see it coming from a mile away, but other times it happens in a split second...".
The saying depicts the reality of life. Death can be very terrifying when it takes the one you love the most and you see that you don't get to see the person again. The pain of losing one's loved one can never be understood unless you experience it. It's very hurting like the pierce of a knife. It brings you down and you wish you could have done something to prevent your loved one from dying.
I'm in love with the popular novel (and movie),"The Fault in Our Stars". I've always like a particular quote in that story but now I really understand the context of that quote. It says "Pain demands to be felt". And that's true, it demands to be be felt.
I've always said it that life is not all about being happy. There are times when life pushes you down and makes you feel very dejected. It is your duty to push life back and climb back to be top where you're meant to be. Laugh a lot but also take time to meditate and cry 'cos life is so short and temporary. It doesn't last for long. You see people leave this world everyday but forget there are human beings just like you; and our time will all come until the world becomes empty. What we should then strive for is success both in this world and the hereafter because this world doesn't really matter. It's like the exams we write at the end of every semester; but longer and greater than that however.
Once you're still living, it's not too late to achieve your dreams. Make an impact in people's lives an do what you love best so that when you outdid your stay on earth, you'll feel fulfilled and people will say good about you.
Have a great Thursday!


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