Tuesday 15 November 2016

“To fall in love with someone's thoughts - the most intimate, splendid romance.”
Sanober Khan

                                                   Is Love Materialistic?
(Characters in this segment are Rose and John)

Narrator: John knocks at Rose's house. She opens the door to see him carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a red parcel in another).

Rose: What are you doing here? (She asks as he let him in).

John: I brought these for you. (he stretches his hands to give her what he is holding but she declines).

Rose: Thanks...but I'm not interested in any of these. (She folds her arms and walk away from him).

John: (sighs as he drops the load on the table and follows her) I took my time to get you these and all you can say is you're not interested?

Rose: John. You can buy me with all these. I don't need all these goodies. I need your love and affection.

John: I'm a busy man and I try my best to satisfy you. I have anything you need, be it money or asset. I can take to any place you want to be. That should be enough for you.

Rose: Love is not materialistic. I'm not interested in your assets. All I want is your love.

John: (looking frustrated) You want so much from me. I can't satisfy all you want.

Rose: Then how'd I get married to someone who can't satisfy what I want. please go John, I need some rest.

John: (frowns as he rakes his hair) Alright. We'll talk later then. (he set to leave but Rose throws the flower and parcel to him). And along with these too.

John: What?! (he ask in shock but she had slammed the door on him).
                                                                                                                                      ...to be continued

Some people see love as being materialistic. When they fall in love with someone, it's probably because of their good looks, physique, money, educational qualification, accent... and so on. This is why when someone people get married and things about one of the couple start to change; like the woman increases in size or the man becomes poorer, you see that the love has reduced.
A true love is meant to be everlasting and eternal. It is meant to remain in the heart of the person no matter what happens. Love is true. Love is real. Love is eternal. Love is everlasting. Love surpasses material qualities. Love is from the heart.
I read a post on a lovely group on face book. It says: "Love at first sight or love at last sight". Love at last sight means the love that will remain real till old age. Till death do each other apart...and that is the kind of love that is true and real.
I've coupled some views about this topic by people. However, three comments will be posted here.
James Notch: For me, love is not materialistic. Love comes deep from the heart and not from what people admire.
Joanne Pearl: Love is from inside and not outside. Love is not materialistic.
Susanne: In my own view, it is kind of. Like who would fall in love with an ugly or poor man? I mean, love can be from the heart but it also deals with physical qualities.
To back today's topic up, here's a lovely poem by Sandra Oguike. It is titled: My Love.
                                                                  My Love
Every moment I inhale,
I breathe you.
You are like the air
That fills up my lung
With life,
And no matter how much
I strive
To build the smallest of walls
Around...to resist the urge,
To fight this delicious sensation
I feel in your presence,
You remain a distraction,
A sweet temptation
Magically smoldering.
And every minute you stare
I am caught in a snare.
Helpless, I sigh.
Your eyes are a spark,
They light up a fire
Burning red hot in my heart.

My love
When it rains, it pours
But you, you quell the storms.
You are my Mars
My seventh heaven.
When you blurt out words
And I hear your voice,
I am disarmed,
My limbs get wobbly,
I am held spellbound
in the hypnosis of you.

I love you, no doubt
But those words are partial
 For they do not in the least
Spell out the very least,
Bits nor pieces
Of this whirlpool,
This maelstrom,
This amount of emotions,
The deepest of affections
That I feel for you.

My love,
In the deepest part
Of the chambers of my heart,
There you lie,
Dwelling, swirling in pleasure
For there in my heart
You have found your home
And in yours, mine.
And when our hands touch,
And our fingers entwine,
Your face, lips no further from mine,
Chills run all over my spine.
Oh my love,
Give me more and more of you
For I can hardly get enough of you
You are to me,
The wings in the birds,
The wand to the wizard,
The oasis to the desert,
The waters to the river...
My breath, my world
My heart, my love.
                                                                                                            -Sandra Oguike.

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