Friday 24 February 2017

FINDING HER LOST SON (1) (A Short Story)

  Adesewa was a sixty-five years woman that lived with her daughter in a small city in Nigeria. She earned a living through her provision store where she sold every day. Adesewa was a very simple and modest lady who smiled and greeted everyone that came her way. She was also known for her generosity and kind virtue. She fed the poor and orphans from the little that she earned.  
However, she felt very sad every day because of her missing son. She had lost her son twenty five years ago and that had bore a deep wound in her heart. Her husband also died three years after before giving birth to their second child, Egbin.
Adesewa lost her son when she decided to take him out. Her husband had travelled on a business trip and it was only both of them at home. To ease off the boredom, she decided to take him out so that they could buy ice cream.
"Mama, I'll go get the ice cream. You stay here". The five years old boy with curly brown hair danced around his mother.
"Okay Kunle. Here's the money". She gave him and he ran to get two cones of ice cream for them.
That was the last time she heard or saw her son. She had searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. Adesewa cried day and night till she could cry no more. She never gave up till now. She knew that her son her still alive and she would find him.
Adesewa visited the ice cream store every day of her life with the hope that she would find her son there one day.
It was Wednesday. Adesewa sipped her cup of coffee as she watched people storm in and out of the store. She cried bitterly as she watched people walk and smile with their loved ones.
Adesewa prayed silently. "O God, I know that You are with the patient ones. I beg of You to bring my son back to me".
Just then did the rain began to fall heavily. She needed to resume her shop immediately but the heavy rain wouldn't let her do so. She thought of what to do since she didn't come with an umbrella.
"Mama, where are you heading to?" A young man appeared in front of her with an umbrella.
He was very tall and handsome and he looked like he was in his twenties. He wore an ash suit with black shoe and his hair was neatly cut very low.
Adesewa felt a string in her at the sound of the man voice but she ignored it. "Just opposite the road". She replied him.
"Okay then, you can have the umbrella".
"It's raining young man. How would you also leave here?"
"I came with my car". He pointed at  the small red coloured car parked beside them.
He held her old and fragile hand as he crossed the road with her, holding the umbrella in his other hand.
"Thank you very much son".
"You're welcome Ma. You can keep the umbrella in case you need to go anywhere since it is still rainy".
With that, he crossed the road, entered his car and left the place.
Adesewa stared at him from her shop and then at the umbrella and then she remembered something...
                                                                                                       To be continued...



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