Wednesday 1 March 2017


                                        Episode Seven

Hamdalah tried to live normally without bothering about Abdur Rahman. She had loved peacefully before he came into her life, so why would he change everything in a sudden?
Hamdalah worked on the news on her table but it was hard concentrating. She needed to visit the new consultancy firm so that she can have an interview with the Manager.
"Miss Mustapha". The secretary knocked.
"Yes...come in please". Hamdalah drifted back to consciousness.
The secretary entered. "Sorry to disturb you but Mr. Wale wants to see you". She said.
"Thanks". Hamdalah said as she left.
Hamdalah walked out of her office to see her boss. Mr. Wale was the head of Business and Finance and he had employed her. Mr. Wale had always been a source of motivation. He never insulted or queried her but he encouraged and appreciated her hardwork. Hamdalah respected him more than anyone in the office.
"Good day Sir". Hamdalah greeted as she entered his office.
Mr. Wale was not alone. he had a young man of her age sitting in front of him.
The young man had a smile plastered to his face and he stared at Hamdalah when she entered the office. That made her a little bit uncomfortable.
"How are you Hamdalah?"
"I'm very fine Sir".
"Are you set to have an interview with the Manager of the consultancy firm?"
"Yes I am. I've prepared the set of questions and I thought that you should review them before I leave". She handed him a file.
He scanned through the document and nodded. "This is just okay Hamdalah...Oh, pardon my bad attitude. Hamdalah, this is my cousin Zayn and meet Hamdalah, my co-worker". Mr. Wale said.
Mr. Wale was a tall dark man in his mid-thirties. He was happily married with three children. Zayn was just a young version of Mr. Wale.
"Nice meeting you".
"Nice meeting you too". Hamdalah gave him an awkward smile.
"I've actually said a lot about you to Zayn. That is why he was very desperate in meeting you in person". Mr. Wale said.
"Oh" Was all Hamdalah could say, "Well sir, I should be on my way now".
"No Hamdalah. I have a big surprise for you". Mr. Wale grinned sheepishly as he winked at his cousin.
"What could that be?"
Mr. Wale brought out a white envelope.
"To satisfy your curiosity, the letter contains your promotion. I am pleased to inform you that you are the assistance chief editor of business and finance section.
Hamdalah squealed in delight.
"Alhamdullilah(All praises are due to Allah). Thank you so much sir for your support and encouragement, and for choosing me to work with you". She held her mouth in excitement.
"You're always welcome Hamdalah. I would always be proud of you".
'Thanks a lot Sir. I should be on my way now". Hamdalah set to leave but was stopped by Zayn.
"You are super excited Hamdalah. Why don't I drop you off" he suggested.
Hamdalah looked at Mr. Wale's face for a reply and he nodded with a smirk.
*                *         *
Hamdalah rolled her eyes in frustration as Zayn talked about himself and his achievements.
The drive to the consultancy firm was a long one and she wished that they would arrive there in no second.
"I studied petroleum engineering from the university of canada and I was opportune to get a good job with the help of Allah. I actually came to Nigeria in seraph of a wife that I would take along with me to Canada". Zayn said as he turned the steering wheel.
"Uhm" Hamdalah replied.
"So, are you single?"
", literally I am". She stuttered.
Hamdalah thought to herself that she was still single. As mucb s she wanted Andur Rahman to become her husband, he jadn't propose to her.
"Yes, literally". Hamdalah felt the silver bracelet on her wrist and the thought of Abdur Rahman came to her.
"Well, let's forget about that," Zayn said sensing how she avoided his question, "You love your proffession right?'
"Yes, and I'm very glad about my promotion. It's a new mark in my life". She grinned.
"I'm proud of that. Mr. Wale told me about your change of profession at a later stage. Hope it wasn't too difficult for you".
"It really was and my family was against it. They were like why didn't I study journalism in the university when I knew that I didn't have passion for Accounting. All I can say is that they got used to my decision with time". Hamdalah sighed remembering the old days.
"I love your passion and braveness. You're  rare gem Hamdalah". Zayn said as they drove into the company's compind.
He packed the car and Hamdalah sighed happily.
Before she could open the door, Zayn said what she was expecying from him.
"We could go out one of these days, like to eat. What do you think?"
Hamdalah shrugged. "I can't say because I'm busy these days".
"Well then, this is my card. Hope to see you some other time". He gave his card to Hamdalah and she walked out of the building.
Only that before entering, she threw his card into a trash can!
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