Monday 28 August 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

                                                                        Episode Six
Dhakiyah and Hayrah got to the restaurant much later than Ali. He occupied a table outside the restaurant.

The strange thing was that he had someone beside him; a male too.

"This is so not going nice, Who is this again?" Hayrah whined as they walked towards him.

Ali used a minute to stare at Dhakiyah and accessed her from head to toe. He had a satisfied look on his face as he kept his gaze on her.

Dhakiyah wished that her friend didn't notice, or more chaos will arise.

"Asalamu 'alaykum. Nice to see you again Ali". Hayrah greeted as he stood and replied.

"Wa'alaykumu salam. Same here. I'm glad to see you and Dhakiyah". He smiled at her.

"Okay, I hate to say this but this date is getting absurd. First, you let me invite my shy friend who insisted on reading for chemistry test tomorrow. Second, there's a strange guy with us". Hayrah complained.

"Oops. Pardon my bad manners. This is my best friend Nu'man. He's more like a brother; just like you two are". Ali said as he greeted both of them.

Nu'man is also handsome and cute as Ali; way more cuter. He is more of the reserved type, just like Dhakiyah.

"I guess Dhaki has found the perfect match". Hayrah smirked as she led her to sit beside him, leaving Ali to scowl.

Ali sent a warning signal to Nu'man to avoid toying with his love. Dhakiyah was someone that he was really possessive about.

"What will you girls like to have?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs". They replied in unison.

"Don't you guys ever get tired of spaghetti? Well, spaghetti you have. Waiter!..."
*                                                                              *                                                                            *
It was hours after the date, in their room at night. Dhakiyah sat at the reading table studying chemistry while Hayrah busied herself with the laptop on the bed.

Hayrah felt like screaming as she remembered how the outing went. It was more like a friends hangout, no sign of it being a date.

He kept talking about a lady he loves that didn't feel the same towards him. Hayrah left the place knowing that Ali didn't like her, at least there was sign of it.

He didn't show any sign of attraction towards her at all.

"You don't seem happy. Hope all is well?" Dhakiyah studied her friend as she focused on her laptop in a grumbling way.

"Why will I be? It's obvious Ali doesn't like me. How lucky that lady is".

"Which lady?"

"The lady he loves. The one he wouldn't stop talking about every single minute of the day". She scowled.

"So what are you doing now?"

"I'm looking for solutions. I'm scanning through 'Love and the People' segment on Maryam's Nitty Wall. I need to get out of all this shit". She said, almost in tears.

Dhakiyah left her seat to comfort her friend on the bed.

"I hate to see you like this sis. I know how Quwam made you feel and I don't want you the same way". She placed her arm over Hayrah's.

"You know Dhaki, it's been long I felt this way, which makes it hard. I'm glad I have you. You're my everything. You're someone I can trust and share my problems with. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister Dhaki". Hayrah hugged her.

"You don't have to mention. I'll always be there for you Hayrah".

"I love you".

"I love you too sis". Dhakiyah almost cried as she remembered their time with Ali.

He was all over her, staring and talking indirectly about how much he loves her. She felt sad because she knew that it was really hurting her best friend.

She loves Ali very much but loving him back means betraying her best friend...the one who trust her so much!


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