Wednesday 16 August 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

                                                                 Episode Four
"Wakey wakey sleepyhead". Hayrah pulled Dhakiyah fiercely on the bed as she groaned in return.
"Why do you have to wake me up like this? I hardly had four hours of sleep". Dhakiyah mumbled as she yawned widely.
Hayrah gasped when she saw her bulgy eyes. "Don't tell me you spent all night reading chemistry".
"I didn't have a good sleep". She confessed.
Only if her friend knew that it was Ali that prevented her from sleeping.
"Aww..that's pathetic. I know you hate chemistry but you shouldn't kill yourself because of a subject".
Different from Dhakiyah, Hayrah didn't have to spend time reading. She hardly read for long. She had a high capacity to grasp what she read at a short time. It was something that Dhakiyah envied about her best friend.
"Whatever. Let's go observe subh". Dhakiyah sat down, stretching her hands.
"Oh yeah. Well, I have a little surprise for you. I didn't confess last night but I got bothered when Ali didn't give me a call. I thought he wasn't interested in me till he did this morning. The good news is that he just asked me out on a date and he wants you to come along". Hayrah giggled excitedly.
"Oh..that. I'm not interested. I've got to study". She said bluntly.
"That's not fair".
"What's not fair?"
"Turning down a gentleman's offer. Please Dhaki, do this for me". Hayrah begged.
"Okay, fine. But the date wouldn't last for more than an hour".
"Fine. Love you sis". Hayrah kissed her on the forehead as she hurried to the bathroom to brush her teeth.
Dhakiyah breathe deeply, wondering how to handle the situation.
Her phone buzzed and a message appeared on the screen.
Good morning love. Hope you had a nice rest. I can't wait to see you for our first date. Have a great day ahead. - Ali.
Dhakiyah almost screamed when she read the message. What if Hayrah get to see the message.
There was no restriction to the way they check each other's phone and if she doesn't put a stop to it, Hayrah would surely find out in no time.
Mr. Ali, it would be best if you stop sending such message or you'll damage the whole foundation I have, which is my best friend. Know that I'm coming along with Hayrah because she asked me to and not as your date. If you send such message again, I wouldn't hesitate to block you! - Dhakiyah.
*                                                                 *                                                             *
Dhakiyah watched as Hayrah ate breakfast excitedly. She hasn't seen her that happy in ages. Not after Quwam broke her heart. She knew that she'd be doing a big crime if she love Ali.
Her best friend love him. That was what mattered.
"Hello lovelies". Hayrah's mom entered the dining room all dressed for work.
"Asalamu 'alaykum ma".
"Wa'alaykumu salam," She hugged them, "How are you doing my daughters?"
"We're perfect!" Hayrah quickly answered, dipping a huge roll of bread into her mouth.
Hayrah's mom owned a fashion store in the centre of the city. She was very successful and famous in her business. Her dad was an ambassador and a public speaker. He travelled all around the world and he hardly stayed at home.
"Hmm. I can see that. Why are you all dressed like you're going for an outing?"
"It's Monday morning mom". Hayrah whined.
"Dhakiyah is not saying anything". She quirked her eyebrow at her, knowing she would hear the truth from Dhakiyah.
"Well mom, we actually have somewhere to go after lectures".
"Alright, but you girls should be careful. I cherish my precious daughters so much". She grinned, taking her place in the dining table.
"We'll keep that in mind mom". Hayrah said, serving her tea.
A/N: Have you ever been in a situation where you start liking the same guy that your best friend does to, and she being the extroverted type makes the first move?
What can I say? It's much more complex when the both of you really like yourselves and your best friend seems to be the standing block. You cherish your friendship and you also find it hard to let go of the one you love.
Well, happy reading lovely fans!


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