Tuesday 19 September 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

Episode Nine

It was weekend and Dhakiyah and Hayrah spent the early part of the morning cleaning the house.
They were just having breakfast when a knock was heard.

"Go see who it is Dhaki". Hayrah's mother said as she walked to the door.

A surprise flower was sent to Hayrah and it was from Nu'man. He had written a note, asking her on a date.

Hayrah gladly agreed as they both searched for the best outfit for her to wear.

"I think this will look best on you. Remember when you bought it from a store in Paris and that French guy wouldn't stop disturbing you because you looked beautiful". Dhakiyah said as they both laughed.

They had visited a store on their vacation in Paris and Hayrah bought a blue dress. The day she put it on, a French guy kept following her, speaking words that she couldn't comprehend.

Yeah, Hayrah might be good at other subjects but French was a no-no! It took an English speaking man who understood French to translate to them that he was complimenting her beauty.

"That was a really horrible experience Dhaki. You brought back funny memories". She laughed loudly, cleaning the tears that dripped from her eyes.

Hayrah held the clothe and stared deeply into Dhakiyah's eyes.

"What now?"

"I may be selfish sometimes but I want to ask if you feel okay about me being with Nu'man".

Dhakiyah cackled. "Why wouldn't I? You're happy and that's my happiness".

"It's just that, I was trying to act as a matchmaker between both of you at the date then and I'm just wondering if you have any feelings for him".

"At all, not even a 0.001 feeling. You have him 100%".

"Thanks Dhaki. I love you so much sis".

"Same here. Dress up quick child or you'll keep son in law waiting. If there's any problem, don't forget to call mama". Dhakiyah said, mimicking an elderly voice.

"You're a case Dhaki!". Hayrah beat her playfully.

A/N: Dhakiyah and Hayrah have just three episodes to go. Yay!
The published version of Love By Fate coming soon.
Happy reading lovely fans!


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