Tuesday 10 October 2017

Dhakiyah and Hayrah

                                                       Episode Twelve
The date was a very eventful and interesting one. Dhakiyah got home in the evening and she knew that Hayrah must also be back from her date.

What surprised her was seeing a black jeep in the compound. It meant that Hayrah's dad was back home from his trip.

Dhakiyah rushed in to get her share of the goodies that he usually bring from his trip.

When she got inside, the house was not as it used to be. Hayrah was meant to be all around her father; playing and screaming about how much she has missed him.

Rather, she sat at a corner with a hand on her face.

"Asalam 'alaykum. How was your journey dad?"

"Wa'alaykumu salam. Fine dear".

"Where are you coming from?" Hayrah walked up to her.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me right. Where have you been and where are you coming from?"

"I'll tell you after dinner. I actually have a lot to tell you".

"That you and Ali are in love and you've been seeing yourselves for a while. That Ali likes you and not me and you've known that right from the first day of our meeting".

"I'm sorry Hayrah. I was looking for the right time to tell you".

"You're such a hypocrite Hayrah. You kept all these from me? I thought I could trust you".

"I'm sorry sis. I planned on telling you tonight, after dinner...before going to bed".

"Why now? I thought I had a true friend and sister but I was wrong".

"You're taking this too far Hayrah. You shouldn't let a boy disrupt your relationship". Her dad admonished.

"It will and it has. I trusted her and brought her into my family. She was only a poor orphan. I took her as my sister and here's what I get in return".

"That's enough Hayrah. You've said too much. Whatever girls dispute you have, you both can settle without giving such expensive insults". Her mother warned.

"I've just started mom. By the time I'm done with Dhakiyah, She'll leave this house in frustration!" Hayrah yelled, storming out of the living room.

*                                                                                          *                                *
Dhakiyah pleaded to speak with Hayrah but she wouldn't oblige.

She laid on the bed and bawled her eyes, watching as Ali's multiple calls flashed on the screen of her phone.

Unable to sleep, she decided to drink some milk to ease off the burning sensation in her head.

Dhakiyah entered the kitchen and took a glass of yoghurt from the fridge. She was shocked to see Hayrah's father at the left side of the kitchen, drinking water.

"Hi dad. You're not asleep?"

"Yeah. That's because I have lots on my head".

"Same here". She said, taking a seat beside him.

There was a long pause before she started. "I feel very terrible. It's like I lost something really precious to me".

"I understand Dhaki but it's not entirely your fault. You see, Hayrah was raised as an only child and that made her kind of spoilt. She got what she wanted and had all she desires. You are a big positive influence on her".

"So what do you think I do now?"

"I think you should take a vacation...probably to Paris or any other choice of destination. This will give her the time to sort things out, and also realize that she cannot live without you".

"Hmm. That's a great idea dad. I think I should leave tomorrow morning".
"Good. Let's go make the booking".



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