Wednesday 13 June 2018

Le Crush

One of the fun and amazing thing of being single is that you’re free to crush on guys without feeling guilty. You can fantasize travelling the world with someone you know is very impossible to be with.

How do I define crush? I define it as liking someone for a definite period of time. Have you had a crush on someone for just a week, two weeks or a month?

The funny thing about crushing is that it might be just a quality that would make you like the person so so much.

When your friends ask, “What did you even see in that black short guy sef? He’s not even fine”.

You’ll be like, “There’s just something about his voice. It is thick and lovely to hear. Sometimes, I feel like he should talk all day” or “He is very smart and intelligent. He says sensible things”. You will reply, fantasizing him in your mind.

You know for sure that he isn’t your type but you cannot keep your mind off him. You think of him before going to bed and wish to spend the rest of your life with him.

Then gbam! Something happens. You could see him with a girl you hate so much, or you see him eating a food you despise. It could just come natural and you ask yourself, “I okay laykdis? How did I even fall for this guy? See his bow legs…see his black lips. Am I even sane? Hope I do not need to start wearing glasses?

We crush on different person, at different levels, different places and for different reasons. We crush on course mates, friends, celebrities and even social media personalities.

Every moment you spend with the person matters. You lay emphasis on the slightest of things; the way the lips move when he talks and the way he shines his teeth when smiling. When he eats, you get jealous of the rice entering his throat.

I read in a book where the lead character narrated that she had never been that jealous of water. As her crush gulped the water down his throat, she wished she was the water entering through him.

When you sit idle, you recall what he had said to you. ‘I need to change my shoes’ can start to sing a song in your head because it was said by your crush.

Then it all ends and you mind drifts off the person…it lands on another…then another…and you keep crushing on guys.

What then happens if you get married to a crush? Yes, you like someone because of his slim slender stature and months into the marriage, he eats lots of fried chicken and blows into a balloon. What would you do? What happens if you discover that you suddenly start to dislike the person you thought you like?

Some people do get married to their crush but it has to be a higher stage of likeness. Because to me, crush is just a fantasy, liking someone you can never have for a single quality that he possesses.

Nitty Rants, Maryam AbdulWahab.



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