Sunday 22 January 2017

Chapter Three


                                Preview of last week's episode
Hamdalah and Abdur Rahman feels strange and unusual because their minds seem to be locked towards each other. They don't understand if love could be that strong that it would overtake them just like that.
They both had the same doubtful thought of whether they felt the same way.
Hamdalah got up very early and after saying her morning prayers, she got ready for the exclusive interview.
Abdur Rahman was scheduled to be interviewed by a journalist.
Monday was the beginning of the week and a fresh start for new achievements. Abdur Rahman smiled at himself in the mirror while he dressed up for work. During breakfast, he wrote his daily activities as well as his plans for the week in his journal.
Mansur sipped his coffee while he stared at his friend. He looked very different.
"Now what Mansur? Why can't you keep your eyes off me?" Abdur Rahman asked while he still wrote in his journal.
"You just seem very happy this morning... and you look different" He smirked.
"Thanks man. Can you get back to your food?" Abdur Rahman rolled his eyes at Mansur.
Mansur raised his hands in surrender, laughing very hard. "Of course"
                    *                                           *                                         *
Hamdalah read "Learning from Pain" in the taxi that took her to Beep Publishing Company.
She couldn't stop smiling since she woke up and Maryam had given her a suspicious look before leaving the house.
Smiling, she got down from the taxi and adjusted her red veil while entering the company. She had never been to Beep Publishing Company but it was a very popular and renowned company and most of all, she was going to speak with the C.E.O.
"I have an appointment with your Manager please". Hamdalah approached the secretary.
"You are Hamdalah Mustapha?"
"Yes I am".
"Okay. Please give me a minute ". The petite secretary said as she made a call.
"You can see him Ma. You have to enter the office over there" She pointed to a large door.
"You are always welcome". She smiled at Hamdalah.
Hamdalah entered the large office and wondered the reason why a single person would occupy such a big office. It was very beautiful and nicely decorated . The whole accessories in it was made of blue and white colour.
Hamdalah couldn't  stop but stare at the whole office in awe.
When she got to his table, the C.E.O turned his seat aback while he spoke on the phone. She waited patiently for him to finish his telephone conversation.
When he turned to face her, they were both shocked to see themselves again.
It took seconds for Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah to finally realise that they were actually seeing themselves again.
"Whoa! You're Hamdalah Mustapha?"
"And you're Abdur Rahman Ibrahim?" They both laugh at themselves.
Abdur Rahman was very excited to see Hamdalah again. He knew he was definitely going to see her but he hadn't expected it to be so soon.
She looked very beautiful in a red veil. She wore a black gown and red blazers but he didn't fail to notice how elegant she looked.
Hamdalah had thought she was dreaming but she was well aware that she was standing in front of the very man who had taken her breath away.
"Well, Asalam'alaykum. Please take your seat".
"Wa'alaykum salam" She replied as she sat down.
"You're really a journalist?"
"I wouldn't be here if I'm not one". Hamdalah grinned from ear to ear.
He let out a chuckle."I didn't figure you out as a journalist".
"I also didn't figure you out as the Chief Executive Office of Beep Publishing Company".
"Seriously, I didn't imagine you as a journalist"
"Why?" Hamdalah frowned but it didn't take a second to turn into a smile.
"Journalists are creepy" He said matter-of-factly.
"Really. If I was really creepy. I would have created a news that the C.E.O of Beep Publishing Company borrowed a weird book from a public library". Hamdalah laughed as he joined.
"Wait and see. Are we still having this interview?".
Abdur Rahman sighed in dissapointment . He was so enjoying the conversation.
"Okay. Why don't we grab a cup of coffee at a cafeteria and have the interview". Abdur Rahman suggested as they both walk out of the office.
                  *                                        *                                    *
Abdur Rahman and Hamdalah had their interview at the company's cafeteria. They didn't finish till it was Zuhr (the afternoon's prayer) where they went to a nearby mosque to perform salat (prayer).
After prayers, they returned back to back to the cafeteria and this time, they had lunch.
"So I took over my father's company. I'm helping him run his business while he lives in London. You read journalism in school?"
"No. I actually read Accounting".
"I went to school  of Journalism after graduating from the university. It's a course I have deep passion for".
"That's nice. So tell me, why did you borrow Learning from Pain?" Abdur Rahman asked.
"I'm a big fan of Sheriff Ali. I love his books and I listen to his motivational talks very often. What of you?"
"My best friend introduced me to the book .It's the first time I'm hearing about the author. You know, I'm  not a big fan of reading. Do you have some of his audios on your phone?"
"Oh yes. I can send it to you. Give me your phone". Hamdalah said as she collects the phone and sends the audio.
Abdur Rahman was quiet for a while as he watched Hamdalah get busy with the phones. He let out a deep breath as he thought of how to tell her that the reason why he wanted the book was because of the deep pain that he still felt inside of him.
"Hamdalah?" He rubbed his cheeks nervously.
"Yeah?" She replied still busy with the phones.
"The main reason why I wanted the book is because of the pain I still feel after losing my Mom. She was the best thing that have ever happened to me". He cried.
"I know how you feel Abdur Rahman. You see, I lost my Parents in an auto crash and I've been living with her Aunt since then. Pain is something that we all feel in one time or other but what is best is to let go of the pain and learn from it. I still feel pain whenever I think of my Parents but what I use to comfort myself is that they are gone and no matter how hard I cry, it wouldn't bring them back. Also, Allah has a reason for everything. The Qur'an is actually the perfect book that we can use to let go of our pain. It has the remedy to all illness and for whatever bothers the heart". Hamdalah said.
Both were silent as their minds drifted to the past. It was very painful and difficult to let go.
They knew that sooner or later, they both have to learn from their pain and forget about the past.
Abdur Rahman tried to stifle the uncomfortable atmosphere around them.
"So tell me about the book".
Hamdalah forced a smile. It's a very lovely book. I started reading it this morning and it's very cool. I take it as an obligation to not tell people details about a book before reading it. Suspense is the best part of reading". She chuckled.
"Oh I see".
They talked for a while before leaving the cafeteria.
"I hope to see you next time. Masallam".
"Bisallam". Hamdalah waved at him and walked down the road.
Abdur Rahman walked back to his office but he was halted by a call. It was his Dad calling.
"Asalam 'alaykum Sir". Abdur Rahman said cheerfully over the phone.
"Wa 'alaykum salam. You sound really happy".
"Yes dad. I am indeed very happy".
"Are you in love?".
"What! wait... how do you know that dad?" He couldn't believe his dad.
He always figured out things by himself. Abdur Rahman saw his dad as being marvelous.
"That's a great news. When is the wedding?".
"Oh dad. I don't know if  she loves me too".
"I didn't know how much your mom loved me till I proposed to her. You have to fight for that special woman. That's why you're my son". He motivated Abdur Rahman .
"Yes dad. I would do so". He grinned widely as he caught a glimpse of Hamdalah entering a taxi.
What do you think of Abdur Rahman. Are they truly in love with each other? Will Abdur Rahman fight to win Hamdalah's love?
                                                                                                              be continued