Wednesday 11 January 2017


                            How Real is Love?
Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of 'Life is an Art'.
I started writing a new story last two weeks and fortunately, I finished it last weekend. I would literally say that I'm a big fan of love stories and that's why majority of the stories I write are based on love.
The story that I'm currently posting on the Nitty Wall is about two people who met themselves by fate and fell head over heels with each other.
We see this in romantic novels, movies and dramas. The funny part is that people see this as 'Love in movies and novels'. They'll be like the perfect and fairytale love do not happen real life and that the 'prince charming' whole thing is not real.
This is why most people do not believe that love is real. You know, the characters in novels are always perfect. The girl would be extraordinary lovely and the boy dashingly handsome ): I deeply understand that it doesn't really happen that way in reality but writers have to create a perfect character that would keep the readers tuned in.
In my view, I think that people do not believe in love because they compare love with lust. These are two concepts that are indeed very confusing. For instance, when a woman have a deep infatuation for a man and things turn around later, she would have a negative view about love because she believes that she had fallen in love but got hurt.
People get married everyday but how many marriages are happy and successful? Most people manage their marriage because they have married someone they do not love.
Don't quote me wrong, love is not perfect. That is why when you love someone, you accept their individual flaws and learn to manage happily. Happy marriages are not perfect. It's just that the couples are in love with each other and manage their flaws without a third party intervening in their affairs.
The main reason why people do not believe in love is because they are impatient. In life, God have destined a soul mate for you. You don't have to search for that soul mate. She/he will come at its time naturally and you feel the bond you have together. Most people can't wait to meet this their soul mate and this make them in hurry to fall in love with the wrong person which will make them dispute the reality of love.
In summary to all I've said, love is very real. I mean very real and it is your duty to know what love truly means so that you can have a happy life. To know more about love and lust, follow our post tomorrow on Love and the People segment. It would give you a good insight to this topic.
Life is an art. It is very beautiful and lovely. Although, behind those lovely designs are mistakes and errors. Life is not always the way we want it to be but it is our duty to make ourselves happy.
Remember that life is very short to be unhappy. So forgive quickly, love truly and never forget anything that made you smile!!!
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