Monday 20 February 2017

Morning Cheesecake

Good Morning great fans of the Nitty wall and welcome to a new week in the fabulous month of February.
This week is a hilarious one in the Nitty Wall. This is because there are exciting and lovely segments to make your days the best.
Today is another publication of 'Love By Fate'. On this week's episode, Hamdalah receives a parcel from someone. Who sent the package and what does it contains? The sixth episode will tell you about that.
'Life is an Art' segment will tell more about private and public universities, what do you think about them and which is better? It's promised to be an interactive segment because people's views will spice up the publication.
In Love and the People, the difference between love and love continues. Remember to send a personal mail to to be part of the four people in the new segment; Cups of Coffee With Four.
As always, this week is a great one to achieve your fruitful and numerous dreams and aspirations.
I wish you the best of this week and much love from the Nitty Wall!


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