Friday 4 August 2017

Love Prose

                          The One Who Claims To Love Her
She sits in her usual corner in the coffee shop, sipping the hot black coffee. It was always the best moment of the day, feeling revived and stimulated after hours of lecturing. She played with the tip of her pink sweater, enjoying the natural view outside, the way she always does.

She couldn't help but smile, turning her gaze to the big book on her hand. It had kept her thrilled for the past days.

Taking a sip of her coffee and opening the book to the page she stopped, a figure that appeared at her front startled her. No one had had the gut to sit beside her or approach her. She kept distance from everyone, except her books.

He was a man, a very young one. A student whom she probably lectures in the school. He looked very calm and naive but definitely bold to sit in front of her.

Thoughts clouded her mind. What could the young lad have wanted? Did he want a re-explanation of what he had been taught or he wanted a boost to his scores?
Trying not to throw a tantrum, she carefully closed her book and faced the young man, who had his face down.

"How can I help you?" She asked.

"I love you ma". He said, staring deep into her eyes.

She froze for a minute, trying to understand what he had just said.

She gazed at him through her big spectacles, her eyes staring him out, the way she does to anyone who tried to woo her. It always kept people...kept everyone away except him. He was confident and unwillingly that she saw the truth in his eyes.

"How could you love me? You hardly know me".

"I've known you, known you long ago. I just gathered the courage to face you today". He said boldly.

She knew that she couldn't give what he wanted. She never wanted to love but she didn't have a choice of being loved. The young lad may love her  but she could never feel the same towards him.



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