Thursday 19 November 2020

10 Random Facts About Me


I love my name ‘Maryam’ spelt and pronounced correctly. You’ve won my heart if I meet you for the first time and you pronounce my name correctly.


Food is my second name. I believe food is one of the best things in life. So, if you get close to me, you’d realize that I talk about food a lot.


I’m a hopeless romantic. I write about love. I talk about love. I read about love. I dream about love.


I’m a ‘pepper’ addict. I love my food spicy and hot. I want my nose to run and my tongue to burn while I eat. So, food with no pepper is a no-no!


I love travelling. One of my goals is to explore several cities across continents. I’m just waiting for the ‘kudi’ to arrive!


I’m very emotional. I easily get moved by events around me. I’m the kind of person that would bawl her eyes out while watching a romantic comedy.


I laugh excessively. Yes, apart from being emotional, I also have this weird laugher that I find hard to control…even at odd times. Maryam is the kind of person that would give a burst of throaty laughter in an official meeting.


I love books and movies in no particular order. In my spare time, I also read biographies of prominent personalities.


I’m scared of dogs. Oyinbo calls it ‘Cynophobia’. I still wonder how people get to keep them as pets.


I often think about the unfair treatment of animals in Nigeria and wonder what role to play to stop this common act.




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