Monday 23 November 2020

Movie Review (Citation)

 A Compelling Drama that Exposes Sexual Molestation in Nigerian Institutions.

Anyone who attended one of the universities in Nigeria can attest to the widespread menace of sex for grades. If you haven’t been a victim, you know of someone who has been accosted by a lecturer for sexual demands.

The worst part of the assault is that many victims go through this alone. They often keep silent due to fear of intimidation and stigmatization. They are scared that justice might not be served…because we’ve all heard stories of students who had to change institutions or spend extra years due to situations like this.

The popular Netflix movie, Citation, centres on sexual molestation. Directed by Kunle Afolayan, the movie centres on the life of a smart and brilliant post-graduate student, Moremi, who accuses a popular and charismatic lecturer, Professor Lucien N’Dyare, of sexual assault.

The beginning of the story reveals the consequences of taking the law into one’s hands. The story then showcases the character, Moremi, who receives sneers from passers-by as she walks alone. Suspense is unrivalled as the movie sheds light on what had happened in the past and the situation that gave rise to Moremi accusing her lecturer of sexual assault.


Cast of Citation

Temi Otedola as Moremi

Ini Edo as Gloria

Jimmy Jean-Louis as Lucien N’Dyare

Gabriel Afolayan as Koyejo

Ibukun Awosika as herself

Joke Silva as Angela

Adjetey Anang as Kwesi

Bukunmi Oluwashina as Uzoamaka  

Noteworthy Highlights from the Netflix Original Movie.

Citation marks Temi Otedola’s debut role in acting

It is difficult to believe that Temi Otedola (Moremi) launched her acting career through Citation. Her acting was superb as well as the language switch and expression of emotions. I don’t see any other actor fitting this role as Temi did. Temi perfectly fits the young and naïve lady who spent a major part of her life outside Nigeria.

Citation showcases the African culture

The usage of African prints and the adoption of highlife music are some of the remarkable features of this movie. You cannot help but love Africa.

I also enjoyed the showcase of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). My sister could hardly believe that the beautiful institution was OAU until confirmation was made online.

Citation will take you through Africa

This could be merged with the second highlight but it is quite relevant. Note that Citation was shot in three countries. The beautiful scenery in Senegal and Cape Verde will make you eager to explore countries in Africa.

I love the fact that the movie, not only revealed the extent of sexual molestation in Nigerian institutions but displayed beautiful sceneries in Africa.

Gabriel Afolayan gave a stellar performance

I enjoyed listening to Gabriel Afolayan speak Yoruba. My sister and I kept gushing over his spoken Yoruba. Undoubtedly a stellar actor, he perfectly played the role of a caring boyfriend to Moremi. We should not ignore the intense chemistry between Koyejo (Gabriel Afolayan) and Moremi (Temi Otedola).

The twins’ character

What is a movie of over two hours, thirty minutes without a bit of comedy? The twins’ character and ‘born-again’ sister made smile linger on our lips, despite the tension building up as the story unfolds.

Bunkunmi Oluwashina made us laugh

Should we talk about the hideous beret or the funny expressions she makes when a new revelation drops like an atomic bomb? Bunkunmi interpreted the role fantastically.

We all need to learn a self-defense technique

The move Koyejo taught Moremi was pulled to prevent an incident of rape. I believe a simple technique can go a long way to assist us when we are in danger.

We need to stand for our rights

Citation enlightens us about the importance of standing for our rights. Yes, in reality, most victims of sexual assault are often silenced. However, we could make our significant differences in making our society a better place. In standing for our rights and striving effortlessly to ensure that justice is served.

Moremi’s funny accent

Moremi’s Yoruba is undoubtedly cringe-worthy. It is, however, one of the highlights of the movie.

Ibukun Awosika

The Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and prolific author, Ibukun Awosika, starred as herself in Citation. She acted outstandingly and floored Prof. Lucien N’Dyare in a particular scene.

Lucien N’Dyare deserves an award

It’s rare to see an actor perfectly play the mix of a charismatic lecturer as well as the story’s villain. Lucien’s pretentious smile and notable acting should earn him an award.

The good friend

We all need that ‘one’ friend who would stand by us in times of need; like Kwesi.

Never ignore the red flags

Moremi’s relationship with her professor started innocently. That innocent relationship led to one that was out of control.


Issues I have with the story

Citation does not depict the real story in Nigerian institutions. Most times, sexual assault does not start from a student-lecturer relationship. However, it is nice to see sexual assault being shed in another light.

Victims, often, lose in cases of sexual assault. I believe this story was written in this light to encourage victims to speak up and ensure justice is served, rather than taking laws into one’s hands.


Citation displays the struggle with victims to seek justice and how they become preys to stigmatization. It exposes a society where sexual assault has become the new normal. It is also a wake-up call for all Nigerian students to speak up and ensure that these perpetrators face the wrath of the law.


Citation is a must-watch. Kunle Afolayan is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable directors in the Nollywood movie scene. He never fails in releasing notable movies.

Citation should be watched on a weekend, with a bowl of popcorn in hand and a fluffy pillow beneath your head!






  1. Loved your review, and loved the movie! I am not yoruba... yet, Temi'w yoruba made me Google. But I enjoyed it all the same. It was something fresh..

    Well done!

    1. Yes, it was. Citation remains one of the notable movies released in 2020.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Loved your review, and loved the movie! I am not yoruba... yet, Temi'w yoruba made me Google. But I enjoyed it all the same. It was something fresh..

    Well done!

  3. Loved your review, and loved the movie! I am not yoruba... yet, Temi'w yoruba made me Google. But I enjoyed it all the same. It was something fresh..

    Well done!

  4. Loved your review,love the movie!!