Wednesday 8 February 2017

Love By Fate

                             Chapter Four Of Love By Fate
Hamdalah blushed openly as she made pizza in the kitchen. She felt uncomfortably cheerful not just because she just received a call from Abdur Rahman but because Maryam, who sat on the cupboard of the kitchen wouldn't let her be. Maryam gave Hamdalah a suspicious smile as she grinned widely, trying to concentrate on what she had in front of her.
"Maryam?" Hamdalah grinned shyly as she stuck some strands of her hair beside her ear.
"Yes. I'm just happy that the pizza would be very delicious today". Maryam smirked.
"Why do you say so?".
"Because you're happy".
"Why do you think so?".
"Oh stop the questions small sis. We both know that it's because of Abdur Rahman" Maryam bluntly said.
Hamdalah's face turned redder as she turned back focused on what she was doing.
"You're very lucky Hamdalah. I've not seen Abdur Rahman in person but with what you've said about him, I know that he is religious, handsome and very rich.
Hamdalah, he's the C.E.O of one of the most successful Company in Nigeria".
"That's the main reason why I'm nervous. He's kind of too perfect for me. How can I think that he would be interested in me. I'm just a simple journalist with no house of my own and who go about in public transport". Hamdalah grimaced.
"It doesn't matter Hamdalah. You don't have to think that way. I have an idea. Why don't you invite Abdur Rahman to Zara's wedding ceremony. Since you're to give him  the book in two weeks time, you can use that opportunity to give him the book".
"I don't think that's a good idea," Hamdalah protested, "We're not that close".
"Give it a try dear". Maryam passed the phone to her, "Call him now!"
"Okay". Hamdalah took the phone nervously and dialled his number.
Abdur Rahman picked immediately. "Hello Hamdalah". His melodious voice struck through her whole body like an electric shock.
It took seconds for Hamdalah to gather what she was about to say.
"Hello. You there?" He noticed the silence.
"Yeah. My cousin's wedding is in two weeks time and I'm wondering if you would like to attend the wedding ceremony. I could use that opportunity to give the book". Hamdalah bit her lip in anxiety.
"I would love to see you in two weeks time"
"Bye Hamdalah". He hung up.
Hamdalah grinned at her sister as she held her breath in delight.
She wanted such moment to always happen.

What do you think of this chapter? Why do you think Hamdalah is so happy? Watch out for the next episode.
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