Tuesday 18 July 2017

Poem of the Week

Suddenly I Was Reminded of Friendship

Though I feel alone
Which is my way
I feel also blessed
This Fall day

I found a little poem by a friend
Must have been tucked and stashed away
And when it read it, it touched me
And made me say

My dear friend
I’m never far away
I have hugs and kisses for you
Our caring does not fray

I could never turn from you
Forget your care
Or send you away
I knew somehow your care is here to stay

Much of life goes by so fast
In my case, most is likely past
I’ve found little to cherish that can last
But in my heart, your place was forever cast

You’re always my friend
And if I am a ship, I need you as a mast
If I was a race car, you would fuel my fast
If I was a rocket ship, you would be my blast

If I was a dog, you would be my bone
If I was lost, you would be my home
If not for your care
I would feel so alone

Doesn’t matter if we talk much everyday
You cross my mind often anyway
Though it feels life is slipping away
I’m thankful for the moments you look my way

I’m glad for the moments we share
Reminded that in this world there are people who care
And when we’re here together
Life feels a little more fair.

Never lose all your hope
Or abandon your simple dreams
Never feel alone and lost
Though you feel ripping at the seams.

Remember that someone cares about you much
Feel free to lean against me when you need a crutch
When you find yourself caught in a hurtful clutch
remember you’re a wonderful person to me: Such!

Good friends are the most wonderful blessing!


Courtesy of Poemhunter.com



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