Monday 17 July 2017

The Letter

                                                    Episode Twelve

The final exams was finally over. Students celebrate joyfully the completion of their studies. It was a great mark in everyone's life. I felt happier because I knew that you and I would soon be tying the knots. It was a dream come true. I couldn't believe that I'd live the rest of my life with you.

"Hey you". Someone closed by hands from behind.
I knew it was no one but Elsie.

"Hi. Where have you been?" I asked, noticing the sweat formed around your  neck.

"Oh", You rolled your eyes, "I've been shopping for my prom dress with Melissa. It's so frustrating. The dresses are all nice that I don't even know the best to pick". You sit beside me, placing your arm on my right leg.

"That shouldn't be a problem. Select the dress you know that suits you...the one with your favourite colour".

"Oh yes, I chose the blue one".

"That's amazing. Prom is going to be fun, I know that. It would be more fun if we get the award as prom king and queen".

"Who else deserves the post apart from us?"

"We do!" Melissa and Jake walked toward us, hand in hand.

"Here they go. MeliJa. It actually sound awkward". You laughed sarcastically.

"Oh whatever. How have you guys been?" Jake said sitting beside me.

"Happier than ever. I hope prom's preparation is going well?"

"Of course", Jake said, "Less I forget, Steven is hosting an after party and he's inviting all of us..."

"Not interested". I quickly said.

No matter how Steve pretended to have changed, I still had no iota of belief in him.

"Why Andrew? We all know he has changed. This is our last time in school. We have to show that we've truly forgiven him". You  admonished.

"I agree with you on this". Melissa continued.

"Same here". Jake said.

"Seriously? I can't believe you guys still have an iota of trust in Steve. He can't change!"

"Okay. That's enough. We're attending the party. Majority carries the vote". Jake said and I surrendered.

There was no way I could convince the group that Steve would always have a secret plan. They all believe him.

A/N: Do you think Steven has an ulterior motive by having an after party? Could Andrew be right? Should the rest of them still believe that Steven could have given up on Elsie???

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