Friday 2 July 2021

Reflecting on Positive Experiences


Zuwayrah recently experienced a remarkable incident. The news made her so excited that she sprang up from the chair and squealed in delight. Taking hold of her scarf, she tied it around her head and bowed down in appreciation. Tears of joy filled her eyes as she read the mail over and over again.

Zuwayrah had experienced similar events over the past few weeks. News that would make her motivated to keep working towards attaining fulfillment.


That’s a side of the story. You should also know that there were periods she cried…not tears of joy…but tears of disappointment and sadness. However, this period taught her that the quotes we read virtually every day are what should reflect in our lives. To focus on the positives. To dwell on the blessings in our lives. To find ways to always remain happy because we, alone, determine our happiness. To love ourselves and choose ourselves before striving to please others.

The pandemic struck when we least expected. It made us have no control over anything…and what can we do other than anticipate when it will all end?

I know this period will be challenging for a lot of us. Some of us might have lost a loved one to coronavirus, lost jobs, lost opportunities…lost the freedom to go out, and revive our spirits…and so on.

This period might be tough but what matters is focusing on the present. Write down what you’ve achieved since the beginning of the pandemic. You’ll be surprised that you may never find such an opportunity to complete several pending tasks. Even if you haven’t achieved much, remember that you’re alive and breathing. That’s what matters.



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