Monday 26 March 2018

Ways to Look Breathtaking on a Monday

How you look on a Monday will determine how you’d spend your entire week. When you start right, you end right.

To have a great and productive week, you ought to start your week breathtakingly. How do you achieve that? Read the tips below.

-          The outfit says it all
I’ve said this quite a number of times and I’m still going to talk about this. When you start your week looking fresh and breathtaking, you feel good for the rest of the days. How? Carefully plan your Monday outfit during the weekend. Choose two complementary colours and match them with a lovely top or down or a gorgeous gown. The shoes? They should be what everyone will strive to sneak a peek at.

-          Smile, smile, smile
You can never imagine the power of a smile. The effect it has on you is overwhelming. Have a fresh start with a nice linger on your lips and meet everyone with a cheerful face.
Let’s see how far it goes in making you look breathtaking. The Nitty Wall loves you always, and have a fabulous week.



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